Amazing Home Renovation for Father Recovering from Stroke | George to the Rescue

When Curtis Brown woke up one morning and couldn’t walk properly, he didn’t realize that he had just suffered a stroke. With Curtis no longer able to be the handyman of the house, George steps in to surprise the family with a master bedroom renovation and a special “mancave” just for Curtis.

George to the Rescue is a home renovation series hosted George Oliphant, featuring top interior designers and contractors teaming up to help deserving families and communities with much needed home renovations. Through inspiring stories of overcoming challenges, this uplifting series highlights the best of the human spirit.

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  • God Bless George, The Awesome Support Team that pulled through for this Remarkable Rescue 🤗 I Soo Love This Family!

  • This hit my heart because something so similar happened to my mom 9 months ago. I walked into her room (it was by sheer circumstance that I was at my parents home to begin with) because I got a sudden feeling to go over there and she was looking towards but more like through me. I asked her a question and her eyes were wide and she just kept looking through me but not saying anything. I immediately told my dad…call 911. My mom had two consecutive strokes but miraculously my mom has no effects other than some nerve pain in her hand. Seeing this rescue brought me soooooo much joy!

  • A master bedroom pink or light violet?? Very distasteful!!! How the designer did that!!!
    If if was a room for a girl teenager, or a woman….
    But fir a couple???? C'mon!!! A man will be sleeping there too!!!
    The idea is to create a place for two!! 🥴😖
    Now their bed room is an place for her!! AND his personal space is for the family time??? And where he will enjoy his time with himself????

  • so…… your taking a large man and is wife who have a queen size bed ( because they need a queen size bed) and putting them in a smaller full size bed. Why? Because someone ordered the incorrect size headboard. Correct me if I'm wrong. Why not just keep the bed they had? Wanna bet they run out and get a new queen size bed and headboard. LOL I love this family!!! SO happy you helped them( even if they do have to go buy a new bed LOL)

  • One show which I get emotional and makes me smile and feel grateful for those who George n teams helps around..oh man George be so blessed that you will keep rocking and make people happy..that smile you give these people are so valuable and not many can do that…keep being energetic and rock

  • I enjoy seeing people happy and being blessed! What George is doing for people bring hope and joy to their lives, George thank you!

  • I've enjoyed watching every George To The Rescue show … I love what he & his team members do to enrich peoples' lives. However, with this one they dropped the ball & gotta say I'm disappointed. It was not right leaving this family w a full sized bed … I hope they made things right & corrected their mistake by replacing it w a queen sized bed.

  • 👍🏻👍🏻 GEORGE TO THE RESCUE 💖💖💖💖💖 HANDSOME COUPLE 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Wow sense 9 Grade they been together how Beautiful the bedroom was just amazing the cozy colors and the Man cave just Amazing colors on the walls the hands to hold the guitars I love George you out did your self again you and your team.

  • I know exactly what Curtis is going through, its tough to have a stroke completely change your lifestyle. 46 and learning to accept the new "me" It's always great to see a fellow stroke survivor doing so well in his recovery.

  • I had a stroke 2015, in a wheelchair since then. I wish someone can build me ramps so i can access my garden on my own

  • Episode is different from the old ones. Still love it. Father who deserves this especially that he put family first before himself. God bless this beautiful family

  • Yay! GTTR is back with another wonderful episode to start the New Year! A beautiful reno definitely worth a lot of hugs!😊

  • from watching almost all of George to the rescue episode…. I feel they did bare minimal for this family…. its nice but could have done more. all the same good job

  • I can't believe they gave them a smaller bed. I would be super upset about that- can't imagine downsizing to a full.

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