Amazing Inventions You May Not Know Exist ▶3

These inventions are on another level …….

SANI 360














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  • White Vinegar & Baking Soda~> Clean’s Garbage disposals. WD40~> Clean’s Toilet’s..😀

  • Велосипед РОССИЯ – ЛУЧШИЙ!!!
    Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

  • #1-Notice he didn't put his hand on where the pan was. Probably very hot. #2-Isn't golf already barely any exercise? #3-Yeah. Quickly secured doors for the paranoid rich and criminals. #4-If you can't walk up the stairs, using a sit-down stair elevating system safer. #5-Guessing the connector costs as much as 5 cables alone. A quick-release magnetic connector would probably bet better and solve the same issue. #6-How often is a bike going to tow another bike? #7-More child neglect. #8-I want an electric fence that has barely visible wires I can put up anywhere! #9-FYI, the bristly end is used to loosen the stuff so ya can just flush to clean the sides of the toilet. You will want to flush anyways to remove whatever you spray off the walls. This only creates extra work as you have to clean the inside of the water takeup part. If it made it easy to spray cleaner under the rim, at least then it would be useful. #10-Very cool! I don't know how often one would laser etch something but could see uses for it. Maybe marking every power supply I get so don't have to figure what goes with what! #11-Also a cool gadget! #12-Occassonally throw citrus peels down there. It's cheaper and will prevent that issue. Plus it smells good.

  • The toilet brush with spray, it looks good until you realize you’re pumping in shitty water … the thing will get bacteria and stink really quick.

  • I am conflicted about the touch surface stove setup. Not great for those who have some hand nerve conditions, but good for others.

  • I do not think any of these devices are practical and this video is the first and last time any of this stuff will be seen.

  • now you know damn well that the escalator platform thing 82% of the world is too damn goofy to operate or even do anything remotely like that they are not skateboarders

  • I love how someone just added a water gun to a toilet brush and if you use your brain for like 1 second you would realize it does nothing to make the task any easier…

    the other stuff was cool.

  • The Battenshield is the most effective barricading device I have ever seen for home use. There were some pretty useful devices here and some that were not so much useful.

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