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Today, I am sharing with you some amazing newborn and kid hacks that I know you are going to love. These are all ones that I use often to help make my day with the kiddos that much easier.

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  • You guys don't talk to the camera any more! ? Like all the other video's just music and small clips. Idk its different know.

  • Great tips! My twins are 4 and love bubbles 🙂 also can I be your infant for a week…that massage looked amazing 😍 I'm jealous 😉

  • I see all the comments for a family vlog. Lol I'm with everyone. Just had actually checked to make sure I didn't miss an updated video. So nice to see Onyx just scooting around. He's getting so big.

  • When will we see family vlogs on your other channel miss watching them I keep checking every week to see if you have uploaded

  • I am sure in time the Stauffer Life will be back once the pandemic is over, hope everyone is safe and your loves ones.

  • Myka, I am a brand new subscriber! Your channel is so informative! My man and I are looking to start a family in the next couple years and your channel is perfect for me to start getting educated on mom life and the things I will need! Plus, your voice is super calming! Just wanted to pop down here and say hey! Can't wait to watch all your videos! Much love!

  • Nice to see the kiddies i miss them you are always in my prayers we have alot of autism in our family and completely understand how Joy and stress go hand in hand ❤️

  • Oh my goodness! Why did I not ever know about slipping the onsie off instead of pulling it over?! That is genius doesn’t do me any good now though my son is three already but still so cool lol

  • ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼Quick tip here! I post easy to follow tutorials on my channel and for older kids is fun to follow, that way you get some breathing time and if baby is sleeping you can rest a bit!

  • What in the hell? Vacuuming the table? Jesus Christ do you know how much shit is on our shoes, that you then vacuum but then you decide to put all that on the table your kids eat from. Wow

  • Hopefully this will work for you

    The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation jointly established the Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19 (GMCC) programme, with the support of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and Alibaba Health, to help combat the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This platform was established to facilitate continued communication and collaboration across borders, as well as to provide the necessary computing capabilities and data intelligence to empower pivotal research efforts. The platform can provide frontline medical teams with the necessary communication channels to share practical experience and information about fighting the pandemic.

  • I like you a ton, BUT, I NEED 2 C more interaction with the blonde SON. I so very like to C this absolutely AWESOM PERSON. HE IS SO VERY DELICATE – I would LOVE 2 just hug Him.

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