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We probably shouldn’t be sharing this with anyone other than immediate family members and maybe our dog, because it’s uncomfortable and awkward and painful, but…. HERE IT IS.

This is the 3 minute audition video we sent in for The Amazing Race Canada… not quite sure how, but SOMEhow it worked & now we’ll be forever indebted to the people involved in putting our ugly mugs on TV.

Thanks for watching!

PS – we’ll be uploading a new video soon of our pre-race VLOGS 🙂

Links to our shtuff:

Kristen Instagram – kristen_mckenzie
Kristen Twitter – krlstenmckenzie (“i” is an “l”, terrible idea, I know)
Kristen Snapchat – kristen_mcken

Steph Instagram – sleclair09
Steph Twitter – sleclair09
Steph Snapchat – leclair_03


20 Replies to “AMAZING RACE AUDITION (S4 Winners Steph & Kristen)”

  1. I really love you both however that laugh steph 😨😩😦 I have watched most of your videos through the years and was,wondering Steph are you unable to get your own coffee and light the fire in the fire place ??? Come on REALLY do something for Kirsten for a change I'm a,gay woman in my mid fifties and had a long relationship with my partner of 8 years she passed away from Brain and liver cancer . You need to do things like 50/50 and be more POSITIVE stef instead of COMPLAINING 🙄just "sayin "

  2. I finally found the person I’d seriously like to run the race with and will be applying next go around. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to know if The amazing race allows you to post the applicationvid before they call you back?

  4. Hey girls, my friend and I are sending in our 3 minute application video but we wanted to know if you had to compress your original video for it to be under 100 MB before sending it in? Hopefully you answer!!! thank you!!

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