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我在紐西蘭、澳洲有近13年的留學生活和工作經驗;因親身經歷學習外語會遭遇的各種挑戰,走過各種彎路,明白大家學習的痛點,不管你是因為沒自信、怕說錯、不知從何學起、使英語能力停滯不前 ─ 傑夫希望藉由客製化、彈性的教學,一同努力來幫助同學突破學習的瓶頸,建立自信和增加學習外語的樂趣和成就感。

我能針對你的需求提供以下的教學範圍 –
✔️ 初學~中階 英文聽說讀寫基礎
✔️ 雅思IELTS 和 PTE 考試 Speaking & Writing
✔️ 旅遊、打工度假英語惡補班
✔️ 英語口說練習
✔️ 基礎商用英語訓練


Hello everyone!

My name is Jeff. I’ve been studying, travelling and working in New Zealand and Australia for the past 12 years. I’d faced plenty of challenges learning a foreign language and adapting to different cultures myself.

I understand the frustration that students would undoubtedly face over the course of their education and future career. My goal is to help you figure out the best approach for you to practise English and take your language skills to the next level.

According to individual needs, I am able to customise lessons in the following areas-

✔️ Beginner to Intermediate English
✔️ IELTS & PTE exam preparation
✔️ English for Working Holiday / Travel
✔️ Conversational English
✔️ Common Business English

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