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A three-week backpacking tour in 2015 from the south to the north:

Ho-Chi-Minh-City – Mekong Delta – Mui Ne – Nha Trang – Hoi An – Hue – Sapa – Halong Bay – Hanoi


25 Replies to “Amazing Vietnam – From Ho-Chi-Minh-City to Hanoi”

  1. Tolles Video🤗 Schöne Eindrücke und toll zusammen geschnitten. Im September geht es für uns auch nach Vietnam, Route aber von Nord nach Süd. Dein Video steigert die Vorfreude 😊 Danke!!!

  2. Very nice video Christian!!! I WALKED from Hanoi to Saigon 👣 took me 3 months and 3 weeks by only walking 😂

  3. Good Ole
    Vietnam! I was first in Vietnam in 1958, then 1969, (Lực lượng đặc biệt Việt
    Nam, Bắc & Nam 😉  then 1999, & 2006 as: một nhà giáo dục & nhà ngoại giao… I always felt for the VNs, they are SO (!) stubborn, and I dreamed Vietnam, you, would someday become great and
    global. Well here it, you, comes!  Look at
    THIS:     Chalmers Benedict “Chip” Wood II.. I will
    return AGAIN!  Congratulations Vietnam et al. Congratulations EVERY one of you including those of YOU still inside your mother! HA! Good Luck Vietnam! ;-D

  4. J'aime beaucoup la chanson vietnamienne «Don't worry about a thing» C'est tout ce qui manquait pour l'authenticité!

  5. This was a much more enjoyable video than I thought it was going to be. Thank you. And…I liked the music also.

  6. Für die Zuschauer, die schon mal diese Reisen getan haben eine nette Erinnerung! Für den, der noch nie Vietnam gesehen hat sind die Fußnoten zu spärlich! So fwhlt einfach das Verständnis für Land und Leute.

  7. Not a good idea to tour or visit in Vietnam now. Under communist’s corruption system, notthing is safe

    there, human life are not worth more than half of a dog. North Vietnamese AKA "Bac Ky Cho'" had killed 2 young men just because they stole a dog from a village and the authority communists ignored it. Poison foods everywhere especially on the streets, you may eat fishes (Ca Tra) that fed with human waste, And city rats curry!.

    Currently, Vietnamese restaurant would serve you port cooked from African swine fever pigs diseases.

    With the communists corruption system, unsafe streets and highway almost everywhere, Truck/car drivers who are under influence of drugs have killed thousands of people daily, you can get kill anytime even you stop at and wait at the red traffic light. Pickpockets, thief’s, robberies are everywhere! When you arrived at the airport, your luggage could be cut a hole and steal those valuable inside it directly by the airport officers. You cannot complain or do anything because they (officers) are all thief starting from the TOP! Everything in VIETNAM are cheating/riboff from taxi, hotel, shopping to restaurants, etc. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO TOUR OR VISIT IN VIETNAM. If you do mark my words…

  8. Near the start you were on boats going down a muddy river
    Can you tell me the location and if possible the tour company
    Many thanks

  9. I visited Vietnam in Jan 2016. Was impressed a lot. Surely the hard working and disciplined Vietnamese people will make their country more prosperous than many prosperous countries of Asia in the years to come. Long live India – Vietnam friendship.

  10. Vietnam as for sure beautiful places. But more than places, what to say about the people !?
    I have travelled quite a lot, America, Europe, North Africa, Asia, Thailand, Cambodia … And I swear I never encounter such amount of people with true kindness, true honesty, smile and happyness over life and willing to help each other at any moment than in Vietnam !
    These people are gold, these culture is gold in a world where humanity seems to fall down, it never been so alive than in Vietnam.
    Again I have travelled and I would not say that of any other countries. Vietnamese should be proud of their country, be proud of their culture and never envy other countries.
    Vietnam, you are a diamond pearl on this planet. Whaou.
    Nice video btw 🙂

  11. amzing with your travel. But my country is still many beautiful view . As Kontum , Daklak , MangDen , CaMau , DaLat v.v…. . I hope you happy about my country ^^

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