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[선공개] 엑소vs엑소, 중독 받아쓰기 도전!

#놀라운토요일 #도레미마켓
매주 토요일 저녁 7:40 tvN
놀라운토요일 최신 클립 다시보기 :


40 Replies to “amazingsaturday [선공개] 엑소vs엑소, 중독 받아쓰기 도전! 181201 EP.35”

  1. I saw EXO then I automatically go here 😂 even there is no English subtitles 😂😂😂
    – EXO 😍😍
    – Overdose 😍😍
    -Love Shot😍😍😍

  2. I really hope EXID fans sub this episode, there are so many episodes that are unsubbed 🙁 Would also be amazing if two of the members went on this show when they come back with Love Shot – SM give EXO more promo please!

  3. 🔥Exo-ls please vote for Exo in 🔥Korea Popular Music Awards🔥, at least one prize

    Here is the link:

    We have only until December 16 or until December 20 for the popularity award.


    fighting Exo-ls🎇🎆💛💜💚💙💪💪💪

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