America's Extreme Top Model – Cycle 2 Complete

On December 13th, 2007 a new online reality show debuted: America’s Extreme Top Model and the first winner was crowned in February 2008.

13 new aspiring models competed for the title from March until June 2008. Week by week a model was voted out of the competition. Here you can re-watch the whole second cycle, or you can enter this fascinating world by watching it for the first time: Enjoy!

Check us on Facebook and rate the models of our current 9th season Booch VS Tooch!

Who was your favourite? Did you like the outcome? Dish about this season from back in the days.

The Models:
Ashley Black
Bre Scullark
Brita Petersons
Brooke Staricha
Christina Murphy
Coryn Woitel
Danielle Evans
Joanie Dodds
Kahlen Rondot
Leslie Mancia
Nnenna Agba
Noelle Staggers
Sarah Rhoades

Airtime: March 2008 – June 2008


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