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AFTERBUZZ TV — America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode, host Amanda Fields breaks down the episode in which one of the guys breaks down during a challenge in which the models explore Los Angeles in their underwear; some of the models feel out of their element during a photo shoot. There to help Amanda are co-hosts Emma K and Brooke Chavez. Also joining the conversation is special guest Mike Scocozza. It’s America’s Next Top Model’s “The Guy Who Cries” podcast!

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14 Replies to “America's Next Top Model After Show Season 20 Episode 8 "The Guy Who Cries"| AfterBuzz TV”

  1. Every time Amanda is like "you don't want to be that one girl that says yes after every other girl has said no" when she's talking about "starving marvin" I get a little annoyed because I LOVE #Marnee  lol. Little does she know Marnee is coming <3

  2. Why is no one calling out Marvin's behavior. he instigated that whole fight out of jealousy. Are they not saying anything because Mike is sitting there?

  3. It's great having eliminated contestants on this show since they give an insider perspective that viewers can't provide. Hope to see more guests! 😀

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