Amlogic USB Burning Tool Recovery Guide: Revised Tutorial

Here we have a fully revised and updated tutorial for recovering Am-logic android TV boxes using Amlogic USB Burning Tool. I will go over a few points to help you recover your Amlogic android tv box device.

THis tutorial can be applied to pretty much every Amlogic android tv box, apart from a few device, this will show you how to recover your Amlogic device. You will be required to locate the appropriate android IMG file for your hardware, ensure it is an IMG file as these are built to work with Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

We cannot help you with finding firmware specific to your Amlogic Android TV box, please find the appropriate android IMG file for usage with Amlogic USB burning tool.

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  • Awesome TV Boxes Check Them All Out Here

    Check out the Beelink GT-King

    Budget Freindly TV box

    True Force of Nature TV box: Beelink GT-King Pro

    Gearbest Deals Page

    Gearbest Mobile Phone Deals

  • mxq pro 4k amlogic s905 i have problem with random mac every reboot how to fix this i have paid version siptv on this box but this app authorise with mac adress.

  • am trying to fix an m8s+ of my friend. the box is running Kodi and he wants to turn it back to android again. am facing problem load the image file the USB burning tool won't see my device .. can someone help me through team viewer, please?

  • Question for you brother. Thanks for making the video. I can't for the life of me get my windows 10 PC to recognize the fact that the bee link is plugged in. Any insight? Using a USB-A to USB-A cable.

  • Hello. I also downloaded the USB Burning and MXQ PRO PLUS 4K Firmware, but does not give any sign to the program. Connect the tv box to pc but you do not know this program…Help me please?

  • For those struggling with installing new firmware (program giving errors part way thru) it seems if you load the image, than click start and than plug in the box the errors tend to stop not always but it's normally my first go too when I get errors part way thru install and in all honesty I have no clue why this works but I've tried repeated times just getting the same error over and over but for some reason this seems to fix the issue on my end a good deal of the time.

  • Hey good video, I want to try this usb burner tool with an older box as I have before with a newer box and worked fine, the problem is thow I cannot find the IMG file firmware anywhere for the Matricom gbox midnight mx2 box. It's almost like it doesn't exist or has been wiped off the internet, if anyone knows I'd greatly apriciate it.

  • Romcode/Initialize DDR/Download buffer/Read item data failed .. saya mengatasi seperti ini ..kira2 solusinya gimana y abg2 .. mohon bantuanya

  • I have an x92 3G/32GB android tv box, and it came with android 7.1.2 when I never ordered that from GearBest.. -_- .. SO I want to bring it back to android 6.0.1 which I did order.. I was able to get the .img file from the seller, but Usb Burning Tool just won't recognize my device.. I'm holding in the pin and connecting it to ALL 4 USB ports.. and nothing.. it looks fully powered via the usb cable too. Also I tried Burn Card Maker and get nothing but an error when using an SD Card.

    Currently my x92 3G/32G android tv box freezes on the boot logo due to me trying to use programs to update my tv box (I seemed like the ONLY choice.. as NOTHING worked..) So here I am… Help me please? This is stressful and infuriating, especially since my month warranty is expired already.

    Is there ANY other program I can try? Also the firmware .img file I have didn't come with a license.

  • Hi i have a S905X but cannot find my stock firmware anywhere since this is a country specific device (X-View Droidbox) can i use a rom like the atvxperience one? I can't even boot to the recovery mode. Thanks for your time and your tutorials.

  • Hello MXQ PROJECT, Can you help me please what img file do i need for my box
    Q-Box Android 5.1 Lollipop TV Box Quad Core 2GB/16GB 4K UHD 3D 1000M LAN Bluetooth Dual Band 2.4G/5G Wifi
    Kodi 16.0 pre-installed Add-Ons Fully Loaded Rooted Unlocked Streaming Media Player .Thank you

  • Hello friend, greetings from Mexico City. A favor, you will have a video tutorial on how to install the H96 Pro firmware with an S912 processor. Greetings.

  • Help me please, I just can't connect my box to this tool, i do everything I even tried using power supply + USB afterwards thinking it isn't getting enough power. Still won't connect.

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