Android 9 call recording tutorial (works 100% | Root required)

Android 9 / pie call recorder application

Google’s restrictions:
Galaxy S8 root with Magisk:
BoldBeast version 12 APK file:

Update – 29.04.2019: In order to install the “BoldBeast “CallRecordingFix” please open “Magisk Manager” .. Options .. Modules.. “Add” .. Options .. “Show internal disk”. Now search in the internal disk for “Callrecording” .. enter the folder “com.boldbeast.callrecordingfix” and install the relevant zip file. Now go back to the BoldBeast app and verify you are getting “You have already installed the CallRecordingFix module”.
Please leave a comment below if you encounter any issues I will do my best to assist you ASAP.


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  • Tentei traduzir as legendas para o português e não consegui. Poderiam dizer se o tutorial permite voltar a gravar no android pie?

  • An excellent manual! I just don't understand why there are so many dislikes. Presumably the video was watched by too many angry stupid specimens unable to root their phones 😀

  • Would be nice if you had mentioned that root is required in the title but hey, better to waste people's time for some views eh. Also, advising people not to update their Android is utterly irresponsible and shows complete disregard for the security and privacy of your audience.

  • Works on Motorola G6 Plus, but with poor audio quality.
    But anyway, thanks for the help.

    Brazilian greetings!

  • I believe OnePlus phones allow rooting without losing warranty. If that's the case my next phone will be a OnePlus although I love the note 9 I really need call recording which I have at the moment on 8.1. I'm going to have to however updated some stage I can't always stay on Android 8.1. Good video dude keep the good work up.

  • A couple of questions. Will Rooting the phone lose all your current applications, pictures, contacts and etc.? I am not speaking of adding a custom rom, but rather just doing a "Rooting" of the device? Also, will the same Android 9 version that's on the phone remain? … Thanks

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