Android file transfer not working fixed on my Mac finally

Just taking a second stab at something I gave up on last year. Getting Android File transfer to work on my Mac.
With the help of this blog post I figured it out

I had to open the notifications window and change the USB settings from Camera to Media device (MTP)
Way too simple…

Also remove the KIes (Smart Switch) software by Samsung.

If you have it installed on your Mac you need to use the installer to uninstall it properly as it removes the trouble drivers as well. Download Smart Switch for your Mac computer.

This Kies software does not work at all I don’t know why Samsung even has it available. The only thing it does is stop Android File Transfer from Working.

USB cable


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  • Solution for me: Install any software by the manufacturer you could have installed sometime in the past. Short: install the drivers found on their website. THAN DEINSTALL everything again, using their deinstalling tools! It worked for LG. Their "drivers" were preventing the mac and phone to be friends again…

  • I don't even have a"developer option on my Galaxy tab A (that I can find anyway). Thanks for the try though, appreciate you putting up.

  • Hm, I can't see how you get to 'notification' (when I search it on my Motorola, it says even 'no notification found') and/or 'connect as camera'. Too fast to see where you actually clicked. I am stuffed after watching a long ad as I need to get photos off prior full factory reset.

  • thank you so much. Before this video I had enabled the developer mode and tried everything. But Even though MTP was already selected on my usb options, android file transfer was still showing me that error. I just unchecked and rechecked the same option and it is working now 🙂

  • For me it didnt worked becase i had a VirtualBox running and it was redirecting to the VBox the connection ,if anybody has the problem based on that.

  • I am developer, but haven't been developing in a long time. My device was no longer connecting using Android File Transfer. Enabling USB Debugging (as you mention was the key for me). I bet this video has all the down-votes simply because their problem was something else (not covered by the video). This video has value, but it won't fix everyone's problems. Thanks!

  • The BIG missing piece of information on this video is how to activate the "Developer Options" on your phone; the OP of the video assumes everyone has this feature activated. If you have a Verizon phone, mine is an LG G7 Thin Q, there's a good chance the "Developer Options" choice is NOT activated; mine was not. Once you activate the developer options then you can find the mysterious "USB Debugging" switch.

    Here is the link to the Verizon knowledge base:

    Notice the arrow remark under step one; this is how you activate the "Developer Options" features. You will have to use the PIN you use to sign into your phone to make the change. Once you activate the "Developers" feature, go back and do step 1 in the link instructions and follow them. Once completed you should have no problems transferring information from your Android phone to your Mac using the Android File Transfer App. Mine works like a champ now. BTW, for the "USB Options" I selected "File Transfer" as this not only covers photos …which is what I primarily use the transfer for …but also other media files like movies, et. al.

  • THX Todd! it is working. IMPORTANT!!!! to those who has a still issues, 1 check did you delete KIES (if no DO IT) / 2 Put wire straight to ur computer ( WITHOUT any devices hub's and others) / 3 Restart phone ( I think that helps too)

  • Thank you, great advice. Saved me a giant headache trying to get an old Rolling Stones song into my ringtones. Works great, now! 🤠

  • It's been FIVE YEARS since I could transfer files from my Mac to my phone. Less and less features work with my technology with every "update".

  • This worked enough to give me a glimpse of my file structure. But AFT crashes when I try to access any of the files. How is this SO difficult? Finding developer options on a Samsung 7 was tricky.. had to do some secret mojo of tapping the build number 7 times and saying 'Open Sesame'

  • Android File Transfer? Probably the shittiest program available for file transfers between Mac and Android phones. Be prepared to use Option+CMD+ESC daily to quit this unstable piece of crap

  • I use a BLU HDR1 and can connect via USB but not able to locate these folders you mentioned…you actually see your phone interface on your computer?

  • Ok, I got my Samsung to work. Toggle debugging and MTP, then go to Developer Tools –> Services and the STOP "Samsung Cloud." It makes me do it every time, but when I stop the Samsung Cloud service the Android File Transfer window pops up automatically and I can transfer files to my mac laptop normally

  • Didn't watch the video , just read the article , switched to developer mode , worked like a charm in 5 minutes, after 3 days trying !! thanks

  • Attempting to transfer files its so daamn annoying. It says "no connection try enabling MTP" I do that and it says Android file transfer is open but nothing is showing. I switch to PTP and i see the files but says since MTP is not enabled you can do a damn thing.

  • Why, in heaven's name, do Android and Apple designers not get together make it SIMPLE?! Or is it the same old "OS WARS" running against the tide of history. I can plug my Samsung into a 5 year old Dell laptop and it pops up as a drive. But, in Mac OS, the system virtually says: "Go ahead and try, good luck to ye, no help from us."

    It is not my profession to build workarounds for something that should be done already.

  • Get to the point. I filter by length. Too many instructional videos have 2 minutes of content and 10 minutes of uselessness. We are ALL busy out here. There are millions of similar videos.

    – the title of your video, we know the title, that's why we're here

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally I got it to work. Nothing would work until I got the 'Developer Options' to come up in my settings. They don't really make anything easy do they.

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