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Today I’m showing you how to screen record your Android phone screen while recording internal audio sound at the same time using the Mobizen app. You can also do facetime with Mobizen and record a reaction video or show your face while you game and record internal sound. * This app may not work for everyone so you’ll have to download it and test it on your phone. It worked perfectly on my older Android running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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46 Replies to “Android Screen Recorder With Internal Sound”

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  2. My experience with mobizen is crappy though, it was very choppy (Skip lag) and quality still looked terrible, Nothing like viewing it in person. I'm on a Galaxy note 9 BTW.

  3. The new versions of Mobizen also record external audio at the same time l, and the recording sound like shit, yup literally shit. I just want a app which records only internal sound. Please send link of the app if you know any which only records internal audio, as I need it to record my Gameplay and internal sound is too important. So please help me 🙏

  4. I have samsung a10 s phone and i cant record only my sound of game but can record only sound of game and my sound.. Can anyone help me?

  5. To record internal audio for android:
    1. You need earphones..
    2. You see the small button in the earphones? Yeah you need something that will press it while recording (like tie a rubber or something to make it hold)
    3.USE your screen recorder
    4. Make sure you turned on the audio
    5. Enjoy
    I hope this helps idk if it still works

  6. Older phones might work coz it might run nugget…. Later versions disables that Internal audio recording features

  7. Yup… Came from the AZ Screen Recorder video and I think I found what I'm looking for. DU doesn't get the job done fully so I'm going with this. You got a new sub, gonna check your more recent videos for more options but this was a great help already!

  8. If i want the same experience of recording or atleast minimum background noise on my device realme 3 pro…what do i have to do? Even if my voice is not recorded its fine but atleast internal… by the way my device supports internal sound recording but with much background noise…please help

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