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So we have back to back chapters of Oda literally flexing on the plot points developed for several arcs. One Piece 974 may be the beginning of an insane run for the story… I’M HYPE

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23 Replies to “ANOTHER INSANE REVEAL! – One Piece Chapter 974”

  1. i'm mixed. i originally thought it was such a dumb reveal. but honestly, it's so Oda, I can't be mad. and he did hint the whole time ever since Kanjuro was introduced… something was off about him.

  2. Kanjuro is a kurozumi, aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
    I can't believe it was one of the scabbards this whole time, that was heart breaking. But I feel Oda ended the chapter brilliantly with the Gen Worst alliance

  3. Did any one notice the gag about devil fruit users in Wano from Oden's time to the present? That should be the give away.

    "When you're at sea, you fight PIRATES." That last panel, seeing Law, Kidd and especially Luffy… FANGASM.

  5. Why is it that every anime character who can draw has no emotions. Is it based off of some sort of mythology or something?

  6. I always thought kanjuro was the traitor like since dressrosa. the guy was in doflamingo's territory as an enemy of kaido and when they found him he was perfectly fine, it didn't make sense

  7. Also in one piece Anime episode when they time travel 20 yrs later he is the only one on opposite side of frame all other characters are on same side !!!

  8. Yeah, I don't think there was an issue revealing Kanjuro right now. After the Oden flashback, the traitor being a scabbard would have the most impact now.

  9. One thing i have read that in one piece reddit… "Oda loves to play with numbers and hence whenever 5 , 9, 7 appears together with a different angles like 579,759,795 etc something major happens " we will see a epic moment in next chapter

  10. Is just me or you guys also think that in this last chapter oda make the 3 supernova like the main people for this arc to take down kaido and not zoro despite this is he arc to shine🤔

  11. I spent way too much time defending Raizo in the comments, man I feel relieved. I had no idea it would be Kanjuro though. Who could’ve forseen him being a Kurozumi?

  12. Fuck kanjuro and orochi they must suffer the worst way. Orochi must be boiled alive with the temperature slowly increasing while kanjuro must be imprisoned and tortured for the rest of his live so that he cant role play anymore dont even let him die.

  13. remember when franky said "maybe we need more ships"? and this chapter a beast pirate said "didn't we sink all enemy ships?"

  14. I find it hard to hate Kanjuro, he became what he is now because of the persecutions of Wano.

    All the emotions during the whole thing was nothing for him, how could a person turn like this ??
    I just hope at the end of the arc that they finally let go of the kurozomi grudge.

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