antm cycle 3 anounce The winner

antm cycle 3 anounce the winner
eva pigford win
yaya da costa runner up
tyra banks anounce the winner of americas next top model cycle 3
season 3 final

episode finale fade out

information season 3
model win the competition-eva pigford
model runner up -yaya da costa
model with transformation-Amanda Swafford
model do history in antm-toccara jones

model season 3
Magdalena Rivas,
Leah Darrow,
Julie Titus,
Kristi Grommet,
Jennipher Frost,
Kelle Jacob,
Cassie Grisham,
Toccara Jones
, Nicole Borud,
Norelle Van Herk,
Ann Markley,
Amanda Swafford
Yaya Da Costa
Eva Pigford


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  • I believe yaya had a narrow lead in the beginning, but eva marcille beauty and humbleness pull herself across the finish line. No doubt this was a very close contest.

  • …in my opinion…the right girl won…Eva out the gate from her serving it and walking into the interview she had on lock…she sold it… and everybody knew it…Mz Jay…Mr. Jay…Tyra…all the other girls …especially YaYa…you could see from the start that she was threatened and envious of Eva…she allegedly told Eva that she was her competition…and she targeted her right out the gate with her dismissive attitude toward Eva…only someone who is insecure and envious acts that way to someone you hardly know…also Eva's look was more striking and high-fashion…YaYa, although more natural and educated…she wore that on her sleeve like a badge of honor with a high-sense of self-superiority…coupled with a defensively bad attitude…which made her unlikeable…unapproachable and ultimately unsellable…Eva was flawed but humble about it…therefore…YaYa couldn't touch her with a ten foot pole in tho area…she was her own worse nightmare and undoing…she thought that she was better than Eva because if her knowledge…and was humbled in the end…period…as the saying goes…"prude goes before a fall" …😐…

  • Eva was always my fav. I didn't like yaya on the show, but she seems really cool off of it lol. Nonetheless both are doing well. Just because Eva won, didn't mean there wasn't room for yaya. People forget that.

  • Tyra is from Inglewood and South Central LA areas. So is Eva. Tyra stuck to her roots! Yaya will always be the real winner to me.

  • To me YaYa was a natural. She's a natural star talented and gifted. I remember when I saw her in Take the Lead. From day one her pictures were amazing.

  • Yaya deserved to win. She is far more talented than Eva. But time has shown Tyra wrong since Yaya is already on her way to celebrity status. She is already performing alongside stars like Julianne Moore, Annette Benning, Marc Rufalo and many others. And now will be portraying Whitney Houston in "Whitney." Directed by Angela Basset.

  • Neither were models really.. come on.

    Adrienne Curry : 5"10.5

    Yoanna House : 5"11

    Tyra played by the rules

    Then Cycle 3 : Eva Pigford : 5"06.5 & Yaya DaCosta : 5"07

    Tyra took the personalities through this cycle

    But yeah… I liked both girls I remember loving Eva when it first aired


    point proven

  • Yaya was better as a picture model and more photogentic but Eva had a more interesting look for modeling but how Ironic is it that they are upon the top 5 most successful from top model

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