Asus Memo Pad hard reset with MicroSD card (When button cominations Fail)

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  • SO i did everything, and got to the blue menu. after clicking the power button to clear user data it told me to please remove installation media or someshit, so i got mad and the realized you said it would actually tell you to remove. im dumb. and now it looks like its restarting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent used this tablet in like 8+ years. i love youtube

  • Good guide thanks! Memopad K0W (ME172?) stuck at boot logo.. Got into blue screen using sd card with contents of cleardata zip, selected clear user data, clearing process completes, removed install media (micro sd) as instructed, tablet reboots… No go! Still stuck at boot logo. Tried a few times. Bricked?

  • hi bro…i have same asus like your and i want to install all apps to sd card and i have search everywhere on internet and i didnt found the right anwser how to do it so can you help me about that??…thank you and god bless you

  • Hey I did as your vídeo but the Memo Pad don't start or boot by SD card when i turn on the device, how i can fix that ? If i go through the system in Files, i Can se the Files in the Sd Card Normally, please help me. thanks.

  • I tried this on Asus Memo Pad 7 ME572C, but it does not work. Wen i try to hold power button (with SD card inserted), tablet will just lights up Assus logo and that is all … nothing happens … any idea ?

  • hi boss sorry disturb. can u give me all img stock rom dump files asus memopad 7 me172v. i want try to reflash it with sdcard. all method i use but did not work. clear data cant, flash using pc cant (cause usb not detect).

    TQ. if u free upload @ mediafire. appreciated it.

  • All good and great, but for some reason, the tablet keeps shutting down and booting back up to the ASUS screen when I hold the power button. It does it over and over again until I let go of the button – I held it for 2 minutes I think. Also, I noticed it creates some 3 additional folders on the SD, an android.obb folder and two others, can't remember the name. Maybe worth mentioning that the customer virused it real badly? Tips?

  • Sorry — it did not work for me — My ASUS was sent back to the factory along with another ASUS of the same type prior to warranty expiration. It was doing a good job until Google Play Services in combination with the ASUS update messed the entire system up. I have had luck sometimes — but now it is obvious.. there will never be another 'sometime'. I downloaded the files for the boot up and put them to disk. But my Asus has decided "No.. you can not even do this.. not unless I get more money from the company to repair your cheap little tablet". Ok, it doesn't really say that, but you get my drift. Thousands of other aggravated Asus users are experiencing the same thing. What is an obvious rip from the company is — you have no input or updates as to how they are dealing with the GOOGLE PLAY infiltration which since GOOGLE has decided to take on it's own persona and back off from friendly updates with not only Windows and other Media platforms.. it seems to me this is a ploy to get people so frustrated they literally through the tablet away. I'm surprised that I haven't found someone who actually shows that happening as their way to fix their problem. 5 days of pushing buttons, searching for updates, having somewhat fixes, followed by eternal spinning ASUS SEARCHING FOR THE .. …….INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! well.. it's just incredible.. they made a piece of "sht" like this. I've got old tandy 1000 HDrives that still work.. and they're over 30 years old. These are built to last not even as long as the warranty. NEVER AN ASUS AGAIN! Thanks, I know you mean well.. and bless you for the time and energy to show us hope fiends that there still is a company out there that wants to be honest. But.. alas.. they are not.

  • I tip my hat to Ricardo Had 2 issues with my tablets and without Ricardo both tablets would've ended up in the bin. As it stands, his Knowledge and simple how to's to fix my issues have not only saved me money but saved my sanity.Ricardo, thanks. If I ever met you i'd buy you a drink any day.   .

  • Sir i can clean wipe data user using this method. After reboot and remove sd card , boot asus logo but stuck with type your password to decrpyt your storage , why ? I must u another sd card ? What ur opinion sir. Help me. Tq.

  • is there anything I can do if this doesn't work?  I also tried the button combination and that didn't work either.  My tablet gets stuck on the ASUS load up screen.  I also tried the video of disconnecting the battery and re-connecting it.  Is there anything else i can do?

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