Autotune Your Voice (SINGING) in Audition CC

LEARN ABOUT AUTOTUNING AND HAVE SOME FUN BY USING AUTOTUNE ON A VOCAL TRACK! | We’ll use the Auto Pitch Correction Feature in Audition to have some fun with a vocal track and learn a little about autotune in Adobe Audition CC as well.


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In this Audition tutorial, I’ll use a vocal track I put together using lyrics inspired by some YouTube song I saw a while ago that used Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” song as a backing track. Here we’ll explore how to get the right scale and key for your vocals and even touch on the very unknown “Calibration A4” option in the auto pitch correction feature that Audition offers us.

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  • like 10 years ago I had this easy auto tune plugin for PC that was like drag and drop, I have been searching for something like that for years. All I want is auto tune in Adobe Audition on a Mac.

  • This was great, ended up doing a test track about being hungry and getting some "fooooooood" haha the auto tune sounded great. Thanks bro

  • So you said at the beginning, “and it’s not even good auto tune”
    Is Auditions Auto Tune not good??

  • This song is in the key of B. That's why it sounds better with the B major scale. By lowering it 410 you basically just put it in B the hard way. I know when you look it up online it will say key of C but that's not what your karaoke was playing-the karaoke was playing in B. Many artists record in B major because it sounds happier and more cheerful. They will use F# as well for the same reason. However whenever looking up chords online it will say the key of C or the key of G because most people can't play in B or F#. Hope that helps.

  • I want to know if it's possible in Adobe Audition to Make my Voice-over sound like any other voice-over artist,
    i wanna sound like this guy down in the link

  • Can we turn someone's voice into another person's voice? For example I have 1 person's voice I want to convert it to another person's voice. Is that possible?

  • Great video! Awesome Tutorial very helpful indeed, but I have an adobe rant …I had always used Soundbooth, it's easier to use in my opinion. When audition opens up for new users it opens up the sound file in voice track mode and I was so agitated because I couldn't figure out how to edit it or change the interface I tried changing the workspaces and still no way to edit the file, I would have never thought to click on multitrack because i only had one sound file not multiple files. I really hate that audition is so poorly designed a person well versed in other applications in the creative suite should be able to pick it right up. I can't even imagine how a noob would feel with this stupid interface. I wish they would have just enhanced adobe sound booth I'm so sick of having to re-learn new programs cause they can't make up their minds on a solid sound application.

  • hehehehe, you have no idea what you have just created. Youtube isnt prepared for my musical talents.

  • Hi, I'm Busywax Sr From Uganda and i would like to know if it's possible to replace my voice over with TTS in Audio Audition

  • Thanks a lot dude, i was trying to install the original Autotune on my Audition CC2019 and it was impossible but this will help me hahah

  • I have used dynamic procrssing
    , parametric EQ and mastering before. But when I saw this video İ said İ will do autotune. So should İ use autotune and dynamic procrssing
    , parametric EQ and mastering together or only autotune?

  • I have used dynamic procrssing
    , parametric EQ and mastering before. But when I saw this video İ said İ will do autotune. So should İ use autotune and dynamic procrssing
    , parametric EQ and mastering together or only autotune?

  • I am not a singer, i just dont like my recorded voice, i am planning for audio articles but i am not happy with my voice, is there anyway we edit that to make voice sound better?

  • Hello when i switch to multitrack i see on the lift side im in the eq Mode not fx mode i click on the fx mode but it still on eq mode why i want the fx mode

  • For the life of me I still can't understand how or why that god awful auto-tuning crap ever became popular

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