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David Carroll
Richard Aukema
Jessica Hamilton
Jack Hendrick
Fredrik Boström
Fr. Joe Fessenden
Joe Palko
Inge Greis
DJ Braiser
Ben Shaub
Marcel Laudiek
Cody Agne
Will Cole
Ruben Wikhaug
Rachele McKelly
Jonathan Isip
Mariah Fyock-Williams
Whitney Dodson
Alex Molloy
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Chewy Shaw
Ashley Coote
Marlo Delfin Gonzales

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41 Replies to “BADLY TRANSLATED Beauty Commercials”

  1. The sound of memes screaming for relevance
    That is so beautiful, I've never worshiped a line more. -Anonymous Motorman  2019/2018
    Google Translate Verson Below
    Love is almost always love
    Very beautiful, i drew some lines

  2. bip·​py | ˈbi-pē

    variants: or less commonly bippie ˈbi-​pē

    plural bippies
    Definition of bippy

    US slang
    —used euphemistically for an unspecified part of the body; generally understood as equivalent to butt or ass Waiting for spring in Seattle is like waiting for the hot water to start in the shower: You know it's gonna get here, but you could freeze your bippy off waiting.— Jon Hahn, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 14 May 1996 —usually used with bet “This his recipe for the veal?” “Bet your bippy, Pete.”— Tom Clancy, The Teeth of the Tiger, 2003 Nobody has flat-out said Benitez and Wilson are competing for the job this spring, but you can bet your sweet bippy that is exactly how it will go down.— Henry Schulman, San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Feb. 2007 That means that as screen sizes will grow, more of us will be tempted to use our spare moments to watch YouTube on the go, instead of at our computers. At least, that's what a lot of companies are betting their sweet bippies on. — Chicago Tribune, 22 Aug. 2006 Dallas plays Kansas City, and you can bet your bippie they'll be selling a lot of hot dogs. — Dallas Morning News, 4 July 2008

  3. Hi, I have been a fan of this channel since 2017 or maybe it was 2018. Could you please do pumped up kicks by foster the people, and maybe some imagine dragons, Mumford and sons, and Pink? I have this in order of most wanted to least wanted

  4. Google Translate: "WE ALL HAVE A GREAT SAY EVERY DAY!!"
    Me, who had a FREAKING MENTAL CRYING BREAKDOWN: are you sure about that??

  5. So, this time the original text is just as insane as the translations and, if anything, the translation feel normal?

  6. My mom bought so many products from dollar shave club and I’m so happy thanks so much I begged her to buy the products and she agreed! 🙂

  7. Hair is a little bit too high for me to get a new one but I wanna is the day I wanna play it is a good game for me to play it and I play it all day and I play it all day and I play it all day and I play it all day and I play it all day and I play it all day and I play it all that was from the first request

  8. I finished a math test and decided to watch this in the middle of class while everyone else was taking a test. Huge mistake. I had to hold in laughs

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