Best Detox For Weight Loss- 10 Pounds in 3 Days !!

The best and most simple detox to lose weight and to jump start your healthy eating habits !

Superfood Powder:
Men’s One-a-Day Vitamin:
Women’s One-a-Day Vitamin:


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  • "I recommend using this supplement if you need to get slim: it works great in 2020 for me"

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search search. On there you will find a great guidelines about how you can lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • It's still shock me just how lots of people do not know about Fenoboci Diet Plan even though many people with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about it. I have lost tons of fat.

  • I’m watched this video on December 30th 2018 and I’m so glad I did. You both are very real and easy to relate and you feel like you can trust whatever you both are saying. I started my new year off with this detox and regimen in your video and you both were accurate to every detail. I’m on day 2 and already feel the difference in energy. Please post follow up videos of your progress, I will definitely be watching.

  • Hey Kayla thank u so much for you guys video I have a hard time struggling with sticking to smoothies for a detox it’s such a headache and you guys came up with this THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! I’m so happy I’ve come across your video I went and bought everything I need seconds ago

  • She should have worn something where we could see the results of her weight loss instead of hiding in all that black clothes if it worked ?

  • Too many people telling others to take products and fast to lose weight, when really it's not that simple. The purpose of detox is to clean out your body and not so much about losing weight. The reason you fast is because you're "cleaning" and you don't want to add the same junk you're removing. Now if you really want to lose weight, it's mostly diet and exercise. Eating properly will help you lose weight faster and safer than simply fasting, because if you don't eat, you're telling your body to go into "store" mode. However, if you're eating the right foods, it's going to stay in "burn" mode instead. The trick is taking in foods that your body can process easier, such as fruits and vegetables with simple sugars, or fiber that your body will remove as waste while removing other unwanted material. Combine exercise with it, and you'll lose weight while increasing your metabolism and overall energy level. The weight might not come off as fast as you want it to, but it will stay off if you keep it up, and your cravings for junk will go away.

  • I will definitely buy this stuff…i've been watching videos of people reviewing this green superfood brand and it looks like it get the job done.Thank you guys for the vid.

  • Hey Kayla! I bought these items just based on this video. I've been taking my multivitamin, drinking two bottles of the superfood and wheat grass mixture since Monday and drinking TONS of water! My question to you is how many bottles per day do you drink of the mixture? Should I be drinking 2 or should I add one more bottle? Thanks.

  • I use a green drink but I haven't tried it without food and three times a day. My body does better on less food so I know I will feel good doing this. I will try the three day plan starting in the morning. See how it goes.

  • I guess the greens made you clumsy and fell and broke your arm……..LOL
    One a Day uses 2nd and 3rd rate ingredients……

  • I started the wheat grass and find that for starters to take shot for a few days at first, because consuming to much to soon does make your stomach ache. I will try the one a day vitamins with this. Thanks for sharing!

  • What Happened to your hand my guess is he broke it for you stay with your own kind sweetie shit like that happens when you don't!

  • The one a day are full of synthetic materials! Very bad for you so basically you did a half detox which really did nothing

  • multi-vitamins tend to make me nauseated–and even throw up–when i take them without food on my stomach. did you have any of those challenges?

  • I know you got this question a lot probably but and WIFEY want to try but can we still take protein drink even tho it has some calories..trying to avoid losing muscle and strength…

  • Detox is important! Have you heard about in NAD. Major longevity breakthrough Harvard HTTp://

  • amazing grass is awesome. i used the detox digest blend with one a day athletic vitamins eat right as well. im a pro so take the amazing grass with water.

  • Thanks for the video! I drink the Amazing Grass Berry. This is an awesome product that's plant-based and provides everything that our body needs. It's helped me to lose weight, and it helped to clear up my skin, not to mention the extra energy it gives. You can definitely feel the difference within a week or two. It's worth the price!

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