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Best Japanese Love Hotel Ever:

This is an amazing tour of one of the nicest, vibrant and crazy love hotels in Tokyo Japan. For anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting a love hotel while in Japan, I highly recommend Love Hotel Sara.
With a variety of themes, free drinks, snacks, amenities, cosplay rental and VOD, you can’t go wrong. And compared to other average looking love hotels the price is almost the same.

Whether you want to pretend you are at an office, on the train, in a classroom in Hello Kitty’s room, etc. there is something for everyone! Also, to see me dressed in the cosplay featured in this video like this video.

*******Once this video hits 500 likes I will post the sexy pics on my Instagram!*******

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Outro song by Jericho Knopp

Animation by Studio DOULZIA

Royalty Free Music downloaded from YouTube music library and
for CC BY-SA 3.0
Catmosphere – Candy Colored Sky
Deaf Kev – Invincible


36 Replies to “Best Japanese HOTEL Ever! 「字幕付き」”

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  2. Wow that pink room is a bright full on party for ur eyes!!! Xx so thats what staying inside a pink bubblegum packet looks like 💗 wow!!!! 😮🤗😀

  3. I'm honestly 100% sure that me and my boyfriend h a v e to go to various love hotels, just for the aesthetic really-

  4. how to return back the items which a person orders via TV. do we have hand it to a person (but that way doesn't the privacy gets violated?) or leave in room or are we supposed to take it away with us?

  5. Oz- awesome vid as always. 2 things – I have heard that some love hotels will not let you check in solo. Any truth to that? Also, Cosplay? Yes please!

  6. My and my mum went to japan for a week for my 18th birthday and stayed at a love hotel because why the fuck not. Mind you i had planned the whole trip so she didnt know where we were going. We order our room for the night and she starts getting suspicious cause there was very suggestive pictures but she cant read any japanese characters so she doesn't really know. We enter the room and it was space themed she completely overlooked her original thought until she saw the box full of condoms and lotions. The look on her face was amazing. Moral of the story, that bed was fucking comfy

  7. Screw regular hotels when I visit Japan. Love hotels are for not just people who wanna smash but people who want absolute privacy while also being provided for all their needs.

  8. hello, @OzzyAwesome ! Loved the video and your energy. I'm writing an article for an outlet here in Japan (Live Japan) about Love Hotels. I have a question. When you visited this hotel, did you let them know beforehand that you would be filming, and posting the video, or did you reach an agreement afterwards?
    Please keep up the great work!

  9. I feel like these hotels are made for doing the naughty 😂 the classroom theme one made this quite evident! But I mean, maybe I’m just dirty minded lol

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