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We searched for hours to book the most affordable yet clean hotels for our Taiwan Trip. Some were hit and some were a miss but this one was the best located in the heart of Taipei. Checkout our Muzik Hotel Review in Taipei Taiwan in the Ximending Area

We give you an in depth review of Muzik Hotel in Ximending, a popular hotel chain in Taipei Taiwan. We also discuss in detail what we notice in general about the hotel prices on the weekends. This hotel however offers a lot of pleasant extras and is super close to Ximen Station. We also throw in a review of a popular fried chicken and lemon drink location next to the hotel that we couldn’t cover in the previous vlog. This is Part 3 of our ultimate Taiwan Travel Guide. We will give you a complete guide on what to see and do with a no BS approach to our reviews. Please checkout our channel to see other videos about Taiwan and stay tuned for more videos about Taiwan as we will soon cover all the major attractions in Taipei as well as Jiufen and Pingxi areas



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9 Replies to “Best Place to Stay in Ximending Taipei Taiwan”

  1. I am at the lacel hotel Taipei and ready t check out. I will really missed this place although I came to Taipei/Taiwan two times this 4 years.

  2. hiya Ethan & Mayu ~ I'm addicted to your vlogs. Already planning trips to Bangkok ComicCon 2562 & Taipei. In "Muzik Hotel Review, Best Affordable Place to Stay in Ximending Taipei, Part 3" you get take out from "KaraKara". I want me some of the fried squid et. al. Can't find it on Google StreetView & I don't know how to find the Google Map link you posted. Could you help me ? Thanks-in-advance. When are you folks going to Laos & Japan ? When are you gonna marry Mayu & give your folks some grand-kids ? [I'm sure your mum wanted me to ask!] byeya

  3. I was gonna comment on how this vlog sucked at 4 min into it because I thought it was over, but then I realized there were 8 minutes left. Was about to throw a shoe at the TV. I kid.. I kid 😉Awesome vlog as usual. BTW, I love sweet potatoes. So anything with a sweet potato is a win!

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