BIGGEST CRABS in the WORLD!!! $3400 MONSTER Chinese Seafood FEAST in China!

► WATCH TO THE END to learn how to come on a free trip to CHINA giveaway!!! We’re personally buying your flight and hotel in China to come eat Chinese street food with us!
► This video features some of the BIGGEST crabs and seafood in the WORLD!! Watch all the way through the video and you can learn the easiest way to enter and come to China to eat wiith us – it’s so simple! And we may choose you to come to China to eat AMAZING Chinese street food! We will choose the winner and one guest (2 tickets) by December 25th, 2019!

Chinese Seafood is some of the best seafood in the world, and today in this Food Ranger video we are bringing you for a $3400 Chinese seafood FEAST in Guangzhou, China! We chose the BIGGEST seafood and had a MASSIVE FEAST of Chinese seafood!

At Hongxing Restaurant, you can choose any seafood you like and order it in many different Chinese cooking styles. For this video, we are choosing 2 of the biggest crabs in the restaurant, cooked 2 different ways! These are probably the BIGGEST crabs in the world! AND, we’re choosing a GIANT Lobster too!

The Chinese restaurant also serves many classic Chinese food dishes along with seafood, but for this video, we are taking our guests for $3400 worth of Chinese seafood at one of the most expensive restaurants in China.

It literally is a seafood aquarium , full of exotic seafood from around the world. We’re giving you a seafood tour of Hongxing restaurant in Guangzhou, China, and then going into the back kitchen to watch the cooking process, followed by feasting on the most expensive meal of my life! Over 15 KG of seafood!

First, we grab the giant king crab (with giant king crab legs) and giant lobster, and then we go for more exotic seafoods.
We ordered geoduck from Canada, abalone, mantis shrimp, scallops, and water beetles. But the MEGA specialty was of course the king crab and biggest lobster in the world too!

The best part about this whole extreme meal was going into the back kitchen. We watched the entire cooking process and Chinese recipe for the 2 crabs and the 1 lobster. Each crab was cooked differently. The crab was cooked “bifengtang” style with mountains of garlic and a light touch of chili. The other crab was steamed with garlic. Both were incredibly delicious! The lobster was cooked in a slightly sweet ginger sauce that was also very delicious!

Out of all of these seafoods, my personal favourite was the steamed garlic crab. It was so juicy!

► This video shares some instructions for entering our 3 million subscribers giveaway. It’s very simple. Watch until the end to learn how to enter. We will choose a winner by Dec 25th, 2019!

Just watch until the end and follow the simple instructions to enter!!! (of course you can also stay longer and explore China, not just one week!!!) ALL entries are considered, no matter where you are in the world!!! You just have to be above 18 and to agree to be on camera for the video!!! This is gonna be awesome and we can’t wait to see you in China and eat some AMAZING FOOD!!!!

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