Binta Goes Off on Courtney After She Wins the Challenge | America's Next Top Model

Binta feels cheated after helping Courtney win the challenge and calls her out in front of everyone on the ride home.


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Binta Goes Off on Courtney After She Wins the Challenge | America’s Next Top Model


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  • Honestly I was with Courtney when that girl called her eyebrows chia pets, I was with her when she told them to keep it down and they ganged up on her but this ain’t it. She literally refused to cooperate with binta when they were doing the video challenge and when it was her turn binta helped her film it. The message she made about racial equality and having binta in the video is what helped her win, ofcourse binta would be pissed off. Who wouldn’t?
    Just because binta is loud af and cussed at her whole Courtney sat there in silence doesn’t mean she’s the better person. She’s clearly a manipulative bitch and all these comments calling binta a “psycho” and Courtney “chill” are hilarious to me lmao🤡

  • She mad cause the judges didn’t think hers was worthy and sent a message, but I bet you if it wasn’t Courtney that won and she won instead she would have no problem, like bruh how you gonna tell her she doesn’t deserve winning when um you didn’t even get it 😂

  • Binta said she wanted to show the ppl from her country that even they culd be models but the way she went on courtney does not prove her point and who the hell is she to start yelling at her in front of evrybody and everyone thinks of courtney as evil.Binta put her reputation on the line

  • I love how 👏 Binta claps 👏 every five 👏 seconds. That 👏 must be some 👏 damn 👏 annoying fly 👏 that she’s trying 👏 to 👏 swat 👏


  • This is like Alexandria vs Brittani from cycle 16 all over again when Alex won that car 😒😒😒

    jealousy is a hideous thing to show

  • Bintas just jealous she didn’t win point blank period and she need to tone her voice down 3 notches and btw y’all my profile pic is me 4 years ago when I was 8 playing with this makeup cam and I’m mixed also

  • Honestly, both of the girls were in that video so both girls should be awarded the prize. Binta should've spoke up when they gave the prize away. People make it seem like everytime someone is upset with courtney it is just out of jealousy. I am not saying it is never out of jealousy because of course some of them were envious. I watched the whole season and I remember this episode, Binta had a right to be upset. Courtney did not help her with her project as much as she helped Courtney. Binta shouldn't have cursed her out though. She should have stood up for herself when the prize was given and handle herself in a respectful manner. This is television girl, you want to have a career after. ANTM SCREWS A LOT OF PEOPLE OVER.

  • Oh Binta…..surely ANTM has taught you that jealousy is NOT your color.

    The judges picked Courtney–end of story. Use it! Learn from it! DEAL WITH IT!!!!

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