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Tutorial how to set ELM327 OBDII on your car
Available in 720p HD

You can buy Super Mini ELM327 on Ebay:

Download DashCommand App here:

Step 1:
Locate 16pin Connector for Diagnostics
[Most of the cars have it in here]
Step 2:
Connect SuperMini ELM327 OBD II
Step 3:
Put the key in Contact
Step 4:
Turn Bluetooth On and find “OBDII”
Step 5:
Turn GPS On
Step 6:
Go to DashCommand Application
Step 7:
Wait until the phone is connected to OBDII
Step 8:
Turn on the Engine and Explore the Application

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47 Replies to “Bluetooth OBD II Tutorial [ELM327] DashCommand App”

  1. probably a stupid question but honestly i cant see where its mentioned that i need to purchase my own OBD and ive also made a purchase on the app and i dont know what its for…help please!

  2. Mine came with a CD and i tried sending the programs on it from pc to my iphone x but it won’t send and when i try pairing with my phone it wont pair

  3. Urgente pregunta este scanner sirve para programmer una love lla q la perdi y quiero programmer otra ayuda gracias onqnscanner es para llave gravias

  4. I have the elm too . With the torque app works great but when I try to to use it with dashcommand it says failure to communicate . Y have a 2014 vw polo tdi. Does some one knows what's the problem?


  6. Anybody know if this will work with a vw. I know you can't use a regular OBD2 scanner on them, you have to get a "vag-com"

  7. Veljko jel' moguce menjati kilometrazu uz pomoc neke od Android aplikacija preko OBD2 Bluetooth interfejsa? Pokusao sam da nadjem al' mrka kapa….
    Hvala, Ivan

  8. هل ذي القطعه تزود عزم السياره ولا وش فايدتها ذي القطعه💜☺

  9. can somebody please tell me how to use an obd bluetooth to reset the mileage on my Toyota I replaced the motor with 109k miles but my odometer is showing 270k how do i fix this ????????

  10. I have the exact same adapter and followed the guide and this video exactly and it will not connect at all. What settings do you have set for the ELM327?

  11. I bought this device about 3 months ago and have been using it with an Android app called CaRPM. It does the same thing as Torque, but the UI is a lot cleaner and maintains my driving history better. Rather new compared to Torque, but suits me well!

  12. I see vids for japanese cars but none for American made like GM, are these compatible, and can they read brake sensors and ABS?

  13. What does this allow you to do? Why would i want to buy one of the things? Ive been wondering what that connector was used for.

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