Both of my Samsung NVMe 960 Pro SSD's Died – Troubleshooting Help Requested

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April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020 39

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  • My 970 Evo 1TB just died today.

    Windows started fucking up, froze completely.
    Turned off the PC via power button.

    SSD no longer shows…

    This is not even 2 weeks of use.

    Good temps aswell 🙁

  • I was using the 970 plus, at some point my pc just crashed and after that the ssd was dead. Worked fine for a couple weeks.
    Now I'll have to reinstall everything, ugh…

  • My 950 pro 512GB died last month, I recovered but sadly all my crypto wallets were gone, last night my 960 Pro 1TB died, I'm done with samsung products, sadly I paid $1000 for the 960 when it first came out.

  • Did you set up over provisioning on the drives when you installed them? Could they have been overfilled and crashed when they couldn't take any more?

  • I have seen many references with regards to these NVMe 960's producing too much heat. I have stuck with the SATA 3 SSD 2.5 inch form factor drives. Granted, they are much slower than NVMe's such as the 960. On a production machine, reliability and consistency is important to me.

  • I'm here because I've seen way too may reviews saying it died after a month. I want one so badly but I've read at least 40 bad reviews of drying 960's.

  • my m.2 ssd died after 1 year without known reason
    now I use HDD its really slow but it's reliable

  • Hi Dave, when looking in the UEFI if it recognises the drive did you disconnect all you other drives? This maybe could help with recognising the drive, but off course doesn’t solve the issue you have with it. Besides that, did you by any chance install a windows update just before it happend? Could be a reason as well. Maybe check the MB firmware, could be that there is a new release out. If all this doesn’t help with recognising the drive then i’m a afraid there is something wrong with the connection and this could be caused by a heating issue.

  • M.2 SSD blades have been known to overheat without proper airflow. Since the motherboard's UEFI can't mount the drives, makes me think the motherboard may have something to do with the drive failure or corruption. Samsung Pro drives rank among the best in the industry in terms of quality. Have you tried the drives in another motherboard or M.2 to USB 3 card?

  • Do you have an external m.2 to USB enclosure? Perhaps you can isolate potential issues on a laptop or another machine that way. Sometimes you can quick format (if Windows sees the drive) on an external enclosure and then run Recuva to recover the files.

  • Gessh. I just went through blue screen of death hell for weeks. Good luck. I’d offer help but not an IT guy.

  • The only thing I could think of is a motherboard issue or it's overheating. I never really heard of someone having one drive die after another like that. If you get replacements definitely try a Ek nvme heatsink.

  • They might of overheated, they get really damn hot, you can get a EK block for them and it works really well for it !

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