[BREAKING] Shin Se Kyung and APink’s Bomi almost became v*ctims of “Nth Telegram Room'”

In the text posted exclusively by Wikitree, Cho Joo Bin said he asked a staff to secretly film Shin Se Kyung and Bomi. Luckily, this action has failed.

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  • I see a lot of comments about being shocked but this isn't something new. DKDTV news dived deeper into this. Korea has been having these types of "scandals"/ gross cases pop up every now and then for quite some time now. The JJY /burning sun scandal and this is just the tip of iceburg and these cases show that no one is innocent not even your oppas(in case of JJY/burning sun chat rooms). What's sad is from the international fan community these things are often ignored and overlooked due to the obsession over the cookie-cutter/squeaky clean manufactured image of kpop or percieved korean culture globally. People fail to realise korean culture is very image-based, whats on the outside matters the most even when it comes to everyday normal citizens. Your devious, selfish, immoral,rude… traits have to be masked by the obedient, respectful, kind and considerate image that every korean has to force onto themselves. You think k- celebs/idols are always that happy, kind, respectful and patient in real life? Everything is fake, staged,(even all those exaggerated, cute, "funny", reactions on variety shows) because thats what sells and brings popularity and monetary value to that person's image. Everyone is media-trained/ image trained from the get-go, from an early age. If not you don't get very far in the cut-throat korean society that values your outer appearance and your selling point over the beauty inside you. Everything comes down to image and money. Thats why the suicide rate is so high in modern korea,its a society/culture that promotes mass production of empty shells instead of real people .

  • Why is korea so perverted? The men seem very repressed there. Like it does happen in other countries but this takes the cake. Its a developed nation, they have one of the fastest internet speed in the world, they should really step up with their cyber security and protection laws. Their culture is being exported globally and attention is on them so they really need to work on this deep-rooted problem within their society.

  • A nine year old? A NINE YEAR OLD? Fucking disgusting. I hope every single person in these filthy rooms goes to jail, and all of the victims get justice. It’s so fucked up what these people do… and just imagine how easy it is for them to find new victims. Sadly I don’t think this problem will end here.

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