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BTS 작은 것들을 위한 시♪ 황민현 자신감 뿜뿜!

#놀라운토요일 #도레미마켓
매주 토요일 저녁 7:35 tvN
▶[tvN] 구독
▶[놀라운 토요일 2부 – 도레미 마켓] 지금 뜨는 동영상 :
▶[tvN] 라이브 :


49 Replies to “BTS 작은 것들을 위한 시♪ 황민현 자신감 뿜뿜! amazingsaturday 190511 EP.58”

  1. I want to staff play another bts song but not title song. There are so many good songs that already bcm bgm of variety show. The rap part are still hard. Like mikrokosmos, answer love myself.

  2. click faster bcoz its bts then dissapionted coz i dont understand what they're talking about.

  3. this is a show where the panel guesses the lyrics from parts of songs that might be hard to hear or understand. it's really funny but is mostly unsubbed! BTS shows up a lot ^.^

  4. Quick summary (please forgive any mistakes):

    They're playing a game where they have to write down what they think are the lyrics to a particular snippet of a song, and the song this time is Boy with Luv. One of the hosts considered that this song might be used, so he listened to the rap parts and found he could understand all the lyrics. He thought it wouldn't be used so he turned it off😂. The host asked Minhyun if he monitored this song, he said yes and he also said he had this song in his playlist. He said BTS lyrics are usually hard, but he has some confidence in guessing the lyrics of this song. And during the song, JR asked Minhyun, 'is it the last part?' and Minhyun replied with 'I think it's the rap part.' Even before the countdown he was like, 'it's the rap, it's the rap.' 😂 All of them thought it would be the rap part but they got tricked.

  5. before I dont have any interest to watch a video that I will never ever understand and even Math book I dont want to read it because I dont understand it,but because of BTS Im here watching the full video patiently without understanding any single word of it.

  6. People: Clicked because there's BTS' word or Hwang Geliang in the thumbnail
    Me: Minhyun? BTS? Gonna watch this tho

    When you are ARMY, Wannable and L.O.V.E, can't relate :')

  7. Even tho you don't understand what theyre saying but the fact that you see BTS name n the title you can't help but to keep watching 😂

    #sorrygrammar 😂😂

  8. When you post BTS related please put english sub..they have millions of fans around the world 😁

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