BTS V – Sweet Night (ITAEWON CLASS OST Part.12) Lyrics

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• Artist: BTS V (방탄소년단 뷔)
• Song ♫: Sweet Night [이태원클라쓰 OST Part.12 (ITAEWON CLASS OST Part.12)]
• Album: 이태원클라쓰 OST Part.12
• Released: 20.03.13
• No copyright infringement intended / Don’t reupload
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  • his "closer"(spelling nd throw) is really hard and wide. 😢😢
    he is just soulful nothing else..
    pure as sunlight , sea waves and mild air in nature .

    proud to be an army 😢😢😀😀

  • Army do someone know that Ego's official mv is not showing up on the YouTube search results. I'm very worried that may be the views will be deleted ooooo our hobi worked very hard on it plz spread this message may be bighit or YouTube could fix this ASAP

  • I cane began to explain how absolutely I admire this man. V is so sweet and genuine. He rather gives us all this songs here and there than wait and do a mixtape where he can get a lot of money because let’s admit we will all buy his mixtape. There is a reason why he’s the most popular bts member because he connects with so many of us. He is handsome, talented, sweet, caring, wise, non selfish, calm etc. Person I gotten to known, I love you v

  • OH GOD!!!! Sweet night is just soooo sweeet I think I'm gonna get diabetics if I listen too much but who cares anyway

  • imagine: you’re sleeping while playing this song because you miss taehyung because of the world tour and then suddenly the door opens and taehyung walked quietly to your side. He was surprised because you were playing his song. He crouched beside you and he decided to sing along with the song while admiring your sleeping face. He got in the bed and hugged you because he missed you so much. You noticed that so you woke up from your sleep and smiled at him. You hugged him back and he hugged you even tighter and kept a smile within his face. And he said…

    “Finally, I’m home”

  • I don't know who needs to see this but we talk talk about Jungkook's stable voice, Jimin's soft voice, Jin's high pitched voice; but these lines in the song were sung by such a beautiful and strong singer Taehyung who showed us how angelic his voice can be when half of us had forgot about his flexible voice over other artists.

    V are in loVe with V.

  • I'm army and I listen to this song everyday but when my bestest friend told me it'll be our song it became more preciouse ! Shyeon if you're reading this now , I love you som much my star

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