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Here’s how to build a custom budget computer in a vintage Sony Boombox.

It’s built with mostly used parts, and this is not a budget gaming PC. It can’t handle the newest games, but it can play older games and it’s a great computer for general web surfing and productivity uses.

What do you think of this project? What would you have done differently?

Some parts I used (these are Amazon affiliate links, so purchases made through these links will help support this channel):
-Motherboard standoffs:
-LED light strip:
-Artic 120mm fan:
-Adata SU800 SSD:
-Cutoff wheels for a Dremel:


25 Replies to “Budget PC Build in a Vintage Sony Boombox”

  1. Love the build so sweet and great Idea all I would change would be do another with a big box so you could leave the speakers to have the sound for the pc and so you could have a GPU

  2. I would have found a way bigger vintage boombox and built the computer bigger for high graphic demands like video editing but very cool build and great video

  3. This is fun. It's oddly relevant to me, since I'm thinking of upgrading my old Mac trashcan – 8 cores and 64G of memory – to something much larger, and I've been thinking about building my own box. I won't be able to get a 28-32 core motherboard in a boom box (I want at least 256G of memory, too), but it's interesting that a channel I follow happened to be building a PC. I might need to start following some channels of people that actually build PC's on a regular basis…

  4. Very cool. I'm a fan of the "sleeper" PC builds Linus Tech Tips has done and this is a cool, unique take on the same idea

  5. Could have left a small (to not block air) speaker in the OE speaker grill location, then spliced it onto the speaker output connector – less things laying around to make it more like "just a boom box"! Awesome build!

  6. not a bad deal! thats fair performance for the price IMO and I love how it all fits in the boombox! great work!

  7. I was big into Modding. Made some great mods, including one for Zotac that they put on display. Loved it. But times changed and I got burnt out. If I can ever afford newer hardware, I will make me a mod for my purpose. Now, we all can saw how we would do your mod differently. None of it is right or wrong. But I would have made a couple of the knobs be useful. Like Power, reset, fan speeds etc. I am also anal about the inside looking as good as the outside. My next build will use NVME SSD so it saves on space. ALso, on a newer AMD processors, The integrated graphics are just great. But maybe a low profile 570 would be better. I dunno. GREAT JOB brother. I like it.

  8. I'm not sure exactly why you wanted to build this, but I am impressed with your technical know-how. Just getting an old CPU and doing the build in that makes more sense to me, but what do I know.

  9. Please make a tear down of and large angle grinder, maybe coparison between old large grinder vs new one, maybe bosch one or dewalt.

  10. Very cool build. A couple tips for anyone else looking to do this build:
    1) Check your local goodwill or for old boomboxes. You can usually get one dirt cheap, and you'll be supporting a charity in the process.
    2) If you are not picky on PC components, look for "Micro PC" in your searches. These are tiny PCs usually found in an office setting where they were mounted on the back of a monitor. You've probably seen them in a retail or Doctor's office setting.
    It will be an all encompassing PC (including wifi card) in the same size as just that mainboard, already setup with an external power brick, so no power supply issues. This is a good route for anyone not used to working with PC components. Just mount the whole thing inside your project, or remove the parts from the case for even tighter builds.

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