Build The Big Underground House | Amazing House

Build The Big Underground House | Amazing House we build so hard for dig the big underground house . This videos we spend time for finish 15 days by ancient skill . This house so for winter and Protect the vulture because it have fire and it so hot.

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  • Wonder why there houses 🏠 are so small , but big pools. And you can’t stand up in them , and not big enough for entire family ? I’d cut out a very big hose . Like 2 thousand square feet. Very deep too. Then add the , cut down trees on the side. Then build the house 🏠 up. Then roof. Make it very big

  • He’s 😭getting too skinny. 😭Please support✝️ this channel✝️. Donate. Because😭 he really really needs to go to a doctor. 😭He needs money to eat. He’s starving to death 💀 people please please help him. And pray everyday for him.


  • Incredible good job. He is not big muscle like gus who go to fitness but he made a good job with little 🏯 with one tool building it. Would like to stay in this kind of with nature try not to destroy it but what we are doing now a day…using too much of natural resources.

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