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How to bypass FRP Google account Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ (Android 7) (Last update) by newest method 2018

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46 Replies to “Bypass FRP Google account Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ (ANDROID 7) (LAST UPDATE)”

  1. Bypass FRP Google account Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ (ANDROID 7) (LAST UPDATE)
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  2. On my Display i have now factory binary reset!! but i wait now 5 min nothing happens! my mobile its vibrating… what can i do now? i trayed to turn off ..dont work! pleasehelp me!!!

  3. I need help I can’t get it to work 😕 I keep getting a fail and the phone says check fail device 3 binary 2

  4. Im going to try this I have the Samsung s6 edge plus SM-G928T Ill let you know how it goes wish me luck!

  5. This actually worked. Had a Samsung Galaxy S6 that was on FRP block and I couldn't fix it. I was really skeptical that this would actually work and I couldn't tell if the comments in this video were even real, but regardless this worked for me.

  6. My phone is stuck on Factory Binary screen for very long. What could be the issue. I downloaded the correct COM for my S6 Edge Plus
    Edit: I just tried to turn off the phone but the only thing that works is volume down and power button. After doing so, it takes me to a screen that says "Forced upload by key pressing" than tells me to hard reset the phone by pressing volume down and power. Then it just goes back to Factory Binary and is still stuck.

  7. i got a problem, how do i know what do download on ??

  8. I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I was going crazy for 3 days trying to find a legit fix with no luck till I found this video….A lot of waiting but so worth it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  9. Hello.

    I'm trying to flash my Galaxy S6 G920F, with Odin. I've already passed the step for combination (COMBINATION_ATT_FA50_G920AUCU6AQC1_ATT6AQC1_CL6591030_QB12815878_REV02_user_mid_noship.tar). Unfortunately, the odin step for stock rom fails. I've tried with G920FXXS5ERAC_G920FOLB5EQK1_G920FXXS5ERAC_HOME.tar and G920FXXU6ERC1_G920FOXE6ERC1_G920FXXU6ERCF_HOME.tar. No success!

    Could you hel me please?

    Thank you

  10. I did everything and its like stuck in factory binary,what did i miss,also it does a vibrate and then hits three vibrates,what it could mean

  11. As of 22mar19 if everything done identically, the regular setup menu pops up after flashing stock rom presumably failing. But if common sense applied, youre still able to drag screen down top to bottom and able to go to settings and add google account from there. Thanks. Will donate in the near future.

  12. Gracias brother fue de mucha ayuda tu video y con la ayuda de otros videos lo logre por fin después de varios dias. Gracias campeon.

  13. Thank you. It worked for a Galaxy S6 Edge+ that I could reuse/recycle.

    I couldn't follow the instructions as they are, needed a bit of modification, here's my experience:

    1. I could flash only "COMBINATION_FA51_G928TUVU6ARH1", any other version failed to flash
    2. After I flashed the "combination" image the phone did not boot. I spent like half an hour trying to shut it down properly and attempting to flash other "combination" roms. It turns out that the problem was that I needed to do a factory reset after I flash the above combination rom. I think Odin can do that in the "Optionss > Nand erase".
    3. After I was able to boot into "combination" I think I followed everything correctly, but after flashing the stock back I still had FRP on
    4. Flashed the "combination" again and this time I actually installed the samsung drivers, not sure if that was the thing that make a difference, but after tinkering about finally it said "FRP Lock: Off" on the Download screen. BTW, look a lot like "FAP Lock"
    5. The ".bat" file is confusing. It hides the output so it's not easy to debug
    6. I wasn't able to install any rom but "G928TUVS6ERH1_G928TTMB6ERH1_TMB_7.0_FULL", the problem is that it wouldn't boot if I flash only AP, so I had to flash all BL,AP,CS,CRC. And after I did that the phone was back up.

    Thank you!

    P.S. The "[]" archive is broken, wouldn't extract.

  14. Para los que no les corre el combination o se queda trabado , primero lo apagan y luego lo inician como hardreset, reinician y listo ya entra, lo segundo para los que busquen firmwares que no son T-Mobile por ejemplo movistar colombia, o argentina o telcel tienen que buscarlos en este sitio., por lo demas todo esta bien, solo recuerden buscar bien el combination, a mi me sirvio el de T-Mobil SM-G928T pero recuerden bajarlo dependiendo del modelo, saludos.

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