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The following video presents the tutorial about Factory Reset Protection. In the first part of the video we include the instruciotns how to activate the FRP function in Alcatel phone. The reset of the tutorial explains step by step how to bypass this proctection. As a result of following this video after perfroming the hard reset you can activate your phone without logging to your Google Account.

How to active the Factory Reset Protection (Google Account Protection):
1) First of all, turn on the device and connect your phone to the wi-fi.
2) Afterwards from Main Menu find and select Settings.
3) In the next step choose Accounts.
3) Then tap Add Account and select Google account.
4) Continue the operations of completing the necessary fields.
5) After inputting correct information and accepting all terms Factory Reset Protection should be activated.
6) In order to introduce additional set the Pattern as your screen lock protection.

How to remove Factory Reset Protection when you forgot the Pattern lock and your Google account.
1) At the very begining perform the hard reset operation by using the Recovery Mode.
2) As soon as the factory reset is completed and Welcome Panel appears on the screen choose desired language.
3) Then go Wi-Fi menu and connect your phone to one of the avaible network.
4) Afterwards go a few steps and accept the necessary terms.
5) When you are the point when you have to verify your account use the the OTG Cable in order to connect your phone to some memory stick.
6) In the used memory stick you should have necessary bypass application. You can dowload this app here:

7) As soon as your phone open the content of your USB memory stick choose the Bypass app.
8) From the Install blocked windows tap Settings.
9) In the next step check Unknown sources and tap OK.
10) Then from the Developer Settings select Install and tap Accept.
11) Excellent! Now you can open this Bypass app and use the Android Settings.
12) Tap Backup & Reset and then Factory data reset.
13) Afterwards choose Reset device to confirm your choice select Erase everything.
14) Great job! You just remove the Factory Reset Protcetion and you can bypass Veryfying Google Acccount.

Here you can download the apps which was used in this method:

Read more about hard reset operation:


20 Replies to “Bypass Google Account in Alcatel device – Remove Factory Reset Protection”

  1. hello every body I need you to help me please, I am very humble for this request to you because I tried my best but no result I got ,me some one gave me  a phone as gift which is Alcatel A577VL , OK IS NICE PHONE BUT IT HAS PROBLEM , WHEN I PUT A SIM CARD IS READING TO ME INVALID SIM ,AND WHEN I REMOVE IT READS INSERT , ME I AM STAY SOME WHERE IN AFRICA PLACE, IN RWANDA COUNTRY , IAM USING TIGO LINE , AS IAM WAITING EVERY BODY TO ENSWER ME , GOD BLESS YOU  MORE IF YOU HELP ME   YOU WILL BE DOING SPECIAL THING IN MY LIFE ,THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!!!

  2. It didn't work…I did it over 5 times it doesn't allow me to skip… I'm using Alcatel 5022x.. does anyone have other solutions Pls?

  3. Hey, thank you for the tutorial. I found a proxydocker lists resource recently, you can use it with the methods mentioned in this video.

  4. I'm an avid pokemon Go player I added a recent new pokemon go account with another Gmail account, when I try going on my second account on my alcatel 4060a it only goes to my first account. How do I add my second Gmail to my phone because it wont let me?!

  5. Easy way: turn Airplane mode on (power off). Now you can skip everything and go to settings/factory reset. After restart you can log into your google account.

  6. I have the Alcatel Pop 5.5 or 5054S. Anyhow, It does not read the OTG. I also knew about the random text method to swipe to the letter "S" on the keyboard , however, my keyboard does not show the swipe symbol. Can you help me?

  7. I have a A 571vl alcatel onetouch. .. how can I bypass this email that i don't know!?? plz help me… I can get past that MSG.. I Don know the previous email.

  8. This is absolutely stupid and you know that .the apk app you installed is to access setting and the main goal from accessing settings is not to hard reset the phone but in fact is to turn on adb and oem without these too option the frp will remain even after hard reset . and correct me if am wrong…

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