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We have a surprise project for you today. In between all the other cases and mods, Alex has managed to squeeze in an entire Wheelson case build from scratch, complete with fully functioning bearing-equipped wheels!

A combination of modelling in Cinema 4D and Fusion 360 coupled with 3D printing on a Prusa i3 printer and CNC machining gives us today’s build. Constructed for NVidia to show at the London Computex 2019 show, this beastie packs a full GeForce 2080Ti turret to take down your foes.

NVidia RTX 2080Ti
Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
Corsair SFX600 PSU
Corsair MP600 2TB Gen4 NVME SSD
Asus ROG Crosshair Impact – X570 DTX Motherboard
Noctua Low profile CPU heatsink
Noctua 80mm Redux Fans x2
Noctua 92mm Fan

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43 Replies to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wheelson PC With NVidia & Corsair”

  1. YouTube you have one job🤦‍♂️

    I haven't been getting alerts when you have posted new content, i've missed a ton sorry.

  2. The most amazing mods on the Internet. Too bad you don't take customers. I would probably place a few orders.

  3. Yes we like to see some overhaul with turret audition in future an don’t forgot the headlights and spare wheel 🤩👍🚀

  4. NVidia didn't want to have weapons designed on the wheelson PC but ironically that 2080Ti has actually killed billions of wallets/credit cards/bank accounts all around the world…

  5. Great build.. to bad you didn't have enough time.. An actual pivoting gun turret and camo paint job would have been the next level up!

  6. Been following your builds for a little bit of time now, and your work is absolutely beautiful. Hoping to steal some ideas to make my own soon.

    On another note, if it fits within your budget, I highly suggest looking at a FormLabs Form2 (or 3). They have a wide array of different resins for a multitude of applications. It is a bit on the spendy side, however it's much less prone to failures like a filament printer with much much much higher print quality. Another way to help with delamination on filament printed parts, is to print at a 45° angle both on the x/y plane and z plane.

    Absolutely enjoy watching your videos!

  7. This is a very cool build, it sucks that NVIDIA did not let u make a turret, this could have been next level if you had more time 😉

  8. I seriously giggled like a little kid nearly this entire video because of how cool this is. You're so creative and talented. And to think you'd make it better if you only had more time…

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