Canaves Oia Luxury Suites, Santorini's most AMAZING hotel: full tour

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  • Santorini,Greece😍😍😍😍💘💘💘💘
    One of my most favourite place,it's looks amazing more than any other places✌✌

  • I want to live there!!! It’s like a dream!!! I live in Chicago February do I have to say anything more 😂 ok I will 10 F few days ago OF yes that’s why I’m looking at this !!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful breath taking film. 🙏💕

  • This is the most Beautiful place I have ever seen!!! Very beautiful 🏨 seem so relaxing…My dream is to go here. I will always remember this video. Thanks so much for making this. Relaxed just watching this☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • I'm with Peter Francis, while I'm not an old man, it brought peace back me and quieted my mind and woke me up on the inside. I found this video because I described a sublime dream I had and I vowed to find it before I die. This is where I landed. I'm a new woman now. I would have no need to speak if I were only there. Serenity like I only find in my dreams. I will be there.

  • I'm lucky enough to have been to Santorini. We stayed in Imerovigli and visited all parts of the island. (On a quad bike)
    It was very hot and very steep!

  • I can’t wait to be able to go there with my daughter…2 more years we have to wait,until she turns 13,the age that hotel starts accommodating…

  • For any foreigner and…nominated tourist who would want to come to visit our…IA!!!…WITH JUST AN I & A…THERE'S NO "Oia" IN FUCKIN' OFFICIAL ENGLISH..ONLY OIA WITH CAPITALS N'…IN OUR GREEK FUCKIN' ALPHABET!!!…"Ia"…in English guys n'…"Oία" Greek(letters/language/alphabet)!!…

  • That cheese pie looks suspiciously like it came from the frozen food section, and that tsoureki from the next aisle over. I have to say I am impressed though by somebody willing to list lard in his dish description in 2018.

  • Bueno les escribo en español ,tengo mucha poesía para Santorini a que dirección pudiera enviar,gracias por su tiempo,conocí la isla en los años 82

  • Not that impressive. It's cramped and frankly overlaying some modern furnishings is for Greece like putting lipstick on a pig, you just can't completely hide the general peasant and coarse nature of it. The banging and throwing of cutlery and general lack of refinement screams out. Santorini is not a friendly island, the villagers in the town below Oia are openly unfriendly towards visitors.

  • Stunning. Happiest site was the sunlight smiling in on the side table in your suite!! 😃 Simply beautiful and quiet. Suite could use a little more color….🌻💐🥀. Wonderfully shot!!! Such a talent!

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