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Eric Chien, based in Beijing and raised in the US, has won an International Federation of Magic Societies’ world championship title. The 26-year-old performed his magic trick “Ribbon”, mesmerising the audience and judges with the illusion. The contest runs every three years and is considered the “Olympics for magicians”. The 2018 edition was held in Busan, South Korea in July. Competing in the close-up award category, Chen is the first Asian magician to win a top prize in the contest.


45 Replies to “Chinese magician performs world’s best magic trick”

  1. Hello there! Well, I bought a Metal Aparition Cane and It seems It stuck on itself. Do know how to save It? (Minimize/retain/put away) please!!!

  2. This is the international federation of magic that only happens every 3 years. People come from around the world and practiced magic many years of their life. You honestly think they would be fooled by such tricks. They’re applauding his magic because it is unexplainable and even them are astounded. It is real.

  3. The flat rope is symbolism for a division of two opposite natures. Yes it may seem as it’s just cards and rope but the “tricks” are coming from other worldly things. These other worldly things understand through the positioning of the objects.

  4. This is no trick fact. It’s not as simple as sleight of hand. Law of equivalent exchange, a basic alchemic principle. Alchemy is satanic. It’s terrifying how casual this person is while doing it. You should be frightened.

  5. When he throws the card and his shirt changes color at 1:38, watch in slow motion. A string under the table was connected to the top vest, so you can see the top one slowly being pulled off as he leans forward!!!

  6. He is using demon power. The Bible records sorcery as being real. Pharoah's magicians replicated some of God's miracles through Moses. Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8 is also recorded as performing acts of bewitchery and "magic". Enough to garner him fame amongst people.

  7. 1:50 figured out. He throws the card as a distraction and purposefully extends his right arm, to cover up his left hand, which pulls off the detachable layer of black fabric that was covering his already blue and red vest.

    When he "adjusts" the white band that is dividing the "red" side from the "blue" side, that is a sleight of hand and that is most likely where he is producing the right cards for the correct side.

  8. C'mon fake Chinese news. Eric Chien is a Taiwanese, not a Chinese based in Beijing.

  9. He seems so confused by his magic. I heard about these things happening to people all of a sudden. He was planning to do some card tricks and then this happened. He's so lucky it happened while being filmed and with an audience. Moments like these are real treasures that never come again. I'm getting really confused just thinking about it. I used to not believe in these kinds of things but I have been seeing a lot of real magic on youtube.

  10. The only thing that gives a majority of these tricks away is the shadows from that string. If this was lit up a bit differently or if the shadows were softer… weird people like me wouldn't have had a clue how most of this was done. Regardless… such an incredible idea!

  11. Magic in the digital age. So naive. I believed he was actually somehow creating this illusion live. Look closely. This video is digitally edited. Watch the pixels. It is hard to call it cheating, but in a way it is. We think it is awesome because we think he is doing it the way traditional magicians do…misdirection. However, once you realize that there is digital editing, it is just the most boring use of CG you've ever seen. I'd rather watch Marvel.

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