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Everyday Life is taken from the new album, Everyday Life, out now. Listen / buy now from

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47 Replies to “Coldplay – Everyday Life (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. This song had taken on a whole new meaning now. It stopped me in my tracks when I listened to it today for the first time in a while. Chills up my spine. Incredibly prophetic.

  2. Why the band or Chris hasn´t played or shown the broadcast of this song worldwide? It seems they knew what was going to happen on earth… This song could have been played on the television of every house of the world, I think, because it is one of my favourite of all times.

  3. What a beautiful song! Like an anthem of light 💡 esp now during this global coronavirus pandemic. "Got to keep dancing when the lights go out" Staysafe! 💛Coldplay

  4. Me gusta mucho esta cancion de Coldplay.
    Se siente muy bien.
    Saludos afectuosos de Chile, America del sur.

  5. The sad thing is that it’s my birthday on the 24th and I really hoped Coldplay would do some sort of song or something on the 24th…

  6. We should all feel sad for those who disliked this videos. Poor people, not knowing about the power of Coldplay which is basically the only thing that helps me get to sleep…

  7. All Coldplay songs/lyrics hits us. Going to be written in the books of history from all across the world. Aamiin…

  8. Dai miei 58 anni, non posso che adorare i Coldplay per il loro immenso talento, il loro ingresso dentro di noi è fatale….

  9. Sem Palavras, Essa Banda toca com a Alma…Com Coração , Junção da perfeição/ i am From Brazil ,

  10. If you start playing "Church" at around 0:32, and at the same time start playing "Everyday Life" at around 1:06, then the songs will sync up until both songs end. I doubt this is a coincidence! I hope someone reads this and actually tries it out because I think its a very cool little find.

    When the singing is synced properly it really does fit together.

  11. when I listen to this I only think one thing Coldplay you're legends !!!!!!
    if I'm sad this always makes me happy.

  12. Thank you coldplay for bringing this song to the world. It is my favourite song so far and the best song that will ever be. We were really glad for launching your best album from my country Jordan. You are truelly a blessing. I feel my soul dances everytime i hear this song.

  13. This will totally be my first tattoo ever (and be btw on my grave stone): Gotta keep dancing when the lights go out

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