Complete Animation Workflow (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

From writing a script to animating keyframes, this longform tutorial goes deep into every stage of the process for creating an animated “explainer” style video with a cartoon narrator character. So this is a behind the scenes look at how I created the recent “Game Subscriptions Are the Future” video ( ). We’ll record and edit the audio in Audition, build our character in Photoshop, rig and animate him in Character Animator, and finally composite everything together in After Effects.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Part 1: Writing & Recording the Script
12:26 Part 2: Creating Your Character
26:46 Part 3: Rigging for Animation
50:21 Part 4: Performance Recording & Editing
1:23:27 Part 5: Supplemental Asset Creation
1:27:08 Part 6: Compositing in After Effects
1:34:23 Part 7: Animating in After Effects
1:48:10 Part 8: Render & Review
1:53:25 Outro

Narrator Dave puppet:
Audio Library:
Arm IK Tutorial:
Advanced Rigging: Leeta:
The Noun Project:

Download Character Animator:
Get free puppets: (official adobe puppets) / (okay samurai puppet pack)
Check out the official forums:
Share your creations on social media with #CharacterAnimator!

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Come Home by Declan DP
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  • Hi, your dedication is amazing, could you animate a short clip for me please it's for a series about teenagers and I need help, please go help 😕

  • Working on an animated short to pitch a show I wrote in film school so I really appreciate this. Finally, a video that's coherent. Finding beginner Adobe videos on youtube is damn near impossible. THANK YOU!

  • im only using one set of mouths and followed the same naming conventions, my audio and camera is working yet the lips wont move, character animator is identifying the mouth phenomes properly but are not using them when i talk (i thought it should because both audio camera is working and the green bar is moving with voice)

  • after i watch for a while, i think this video is really useful. but its too long………….i quick version is essential. thx

  • I'm so thankful for you!!! This is literally my dream to learn this! Question: what do I do if I have 2 characters? Do I need to make them separately? Or can I put them in the same PSD file and upload them together on character animator? Thank you again

  • I'm deeply grateful to you for the effort and work that you dedicate to others, including myself, so we can move forward and continue learning to, at the same time, contribute to making this a better world.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  • Hey only my left eye is blinking in animator from a puppet i drew myself, I don't know what has gone wrong? Any ideas

  • Dave! I can honestly say I have learned more and drawn more inspiration from your videos than I did during my entire time in university. I studied TV production, but felt like I had no real focus or drive, and therefore never got what I probably could have from the learning experience. after graduating, I almost stopped creating stuff all together. This was back in 2018. Now, 2 years later, I have just finished rigging my first puppet which I created from scratch, with the hopes of making my very own animated series. This simply would not be the case if your videos didn't exist. Thank you for making me want to truly create art again. You are my sherpa, up the mountain of CH. Love from ya boi, Dave xxx

  • Definitely one of the best videos on youtube about Adobe Character software. Just keep continue. You are doing an amazing job.

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