Connect to a Raspberry Pi Zero W via USB – No Mini HDMI Cable Needed

In this video, I’m going to show you how to connect to a Raspberry Pi Zero W via USB without the need of a micro HDMI cable! Grab your Raspberry Pi Zero from Amazon ► or Ebay ►

So before we get started with this Raspberry Pi Zero W Project, there’s a couple of things that you’ll need. The first thing is obviously a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The second thing is an image of an operating system that is capable of working with the new Pi Zero W, and in this case I’m using the latest version of Raspbian Lite. And thirdly we’ll need this image written to the MicroSD Card before we can go any further. I highly recommend Samsung Micro SD Cards linked below.

Raspbian Lite image from
Bonjour from
Ethcer from
7-Zip from
Notepad++ from

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Here’s the code you will need for your Raspberry Pi Zero to be able to be used via USB (headless) which means you don’t need a micro HDMI cable to conenct.


As an added bonus, I also show you how to setup and activate WiFi on the Raspberry Pi Zero W from the command line inside SSH over USB.

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf


sudo wpa_cli reconfigure
ifconfig wlan0

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

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  • I’m new in raspberry pi zero w and I really need to use it in my project
    I followed all steps but I stopped in Putty !!
    What is putty and i can not connect my raspberry to my laptop
    Any help or advice plz?
    Thank you

  • You are a lifesaver! Thank you very much.
    It is strange that this method is not available at the official RSPI site…I mean they all repeat the same stuff that doesn't work…
    If you want to avoid installing Bonjour, then you should type in putty:

    port 22

    Connect and then use default login: pi and password: raspberry

    after that, you are connected and you should change default raspberry password

    When I type pi@raspberrypi.local I get an error, but if I type raspberrypi.local, then you will be asked for login and password and everything works…

    REspEcT Bro!

  • Thank you! This helped a lot. For some reason my Pi Zero W wasn't connecting with HDMI, and I didn't know how to SSH into it without it being connected to wifi.

  • I got as far as typing the wifi passcode into it but once I hit enter this error came up..

    Error writing /ect/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf: No such file or directory ] What does this mean? Can anyone help?

  • I have added these two files in the boot directory after installing raspbian with desktop and recommended software, but still my Raspberry Pi Zero doesn't appear in the networks list. One thing more whenever I remove SD card from my computer and plug it back those two files get disappeared.

  • Is it possible to set up the Pi Zero W as a wireless router with its own SSID name – thus both acting as the host and a user of its own local wi-fi network. Then let other devices discover and connect directly to the Pi by selecting its SSID from the list of wireless networks?
    (So neither the Pi nor the other device would both need to be on a network provided by an additional third router, like the home-network for example?

  • I know this is a really old video and you might not even see this comment, but I would very highly suggest explaining what the edits to the text files actually do. You did for the ssh file, but not for the text added to the other two files. Thanks for the video!

  • Okay, so I tried this and it didn't work. Then I put it into my computer to erase the new lines of code. But the computer doesn't wanna read it, please help?

  • Really excellent video! I ordered a basic zero and camera, just for uav timelapse. The forums left me thinking it's not going to be possible without a whole load more gear, and way too complicated. Can you please help with how I get the zero to stop being a camera when I want to transfer the folder of images to the laptop? I'd have to interrupt or pause it somehow?

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