Connecting Two WIFI Routers Together Using A Hard Wired Connection & Sharing The Internet

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Last update 01/18/19
Connecting Two WIFI Routers Together Using A Hard Wired Connection & Sharing The Internet


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  • I know this is an old video but I don't quite understand. Are you using a modem the internet provider and two routers or a wifi modem from the internet and one wifi router. How can you plug in the 2 shown and then still plug the blue back into another modem. Maybe I am missing something here.

  • Couple years old this one, but hopefully it ain't too difficult today. We have a couple of routers and I am looking at just this sort of thing. Does it need to be TP link with the custom firmware? The parent router needs to have DHCP enabled? And both on the same network IP/mask, different IP addresses, as mentioned. Is that the bottom line? What is custom about TP link that makes that work? Or would any secondary router work?

  • Let's say i connected the 2nd router to the 1st router via wifi. Can i use the lan port on the 2nd router to connect to my laptop??

  • sir , i have a modem + router and 2 other router for better wireless connection. i have connected a nas connected with router 1 . i want nas to be accessible from router2 and from modem +router….

    my connection is primary modem+ router connected with internet and remaining two secondary router connected to the primary via lan ..

    how can i config secondary router 1 so as to access nas from other router…. without affecting dhpc of any of 2 router or router + modem

  • Sir i have a problem with my connection. Basically i have 3 routers. On router 1 is my main router and i enabled dhcp to be the ip distributor. And both router 2 and router 3 dhcp is disable. On router 1 i have ip adress as and on router 2 i have and router 3 is When i connected the LAN to LAN connection of router 1 and 2 the dhcp on router 1 is distributed on router 2 and both have the connection and can connect to the internet. But when i plug in the router 3 LAN to LAN on router 1 the dhcp on router 1 wont distribute on router 3. So both utp cable of router 2 and 3 is connected on the LAN port of router 1. The router 3 only get a message of "getting ip" when i try to connect on its wifi using phone and basically cant connect to the internet.

  • For those with basic knowledge, the video starts at 12:00. I like how well every step is explained for those without basic knowledge. That's very nice.

  • Is it possible to keep both routers independent. I mean the secondary router should not be able to access the resources from the primamry router and vice versa.

  • Hi
    Can you access TP-Link router from outside lan.
    I have same config at home and want to be able rebooting my second router from work

  • Hi
    I have use this setup for the last 8 months but recently I upgraded my internet service to a 1 gbs using a
    XB6 modem /router from exfinity
    I have tried to do the same but I can’t find the proper way to do it
    Have you tried or have you made a video about it
    It would be great to know how do it

  • Hi Richard, what about configuration of Bridge for wireless lighting control like Philips Hue Bridge. Noticed its default gateway is should I do the same procedure favoring my main router default with gateway

  • HI Richard, thank you for your great videos, I live in a more remote area and have DSL fibe internet. the Primary router/modem is a Bell Home Hub 2000 and have a secondary router (Netgear WNDR3700v3) for the back side of the house to get internet in the bedroom areas. I have ran a cat 5 cable from the primary to the netgear…the protocol you talk above…is this what I should follow?? should I change the firmware on the netgear? I watched another video of yours that connected 2 routers, but firmware wasn't changed?? thank Heather

  • Hope you can help. Made a mistake with a setting on the ddwrt router to the extent I can not access the setup control panel. I put in the IP address of the vpn flash-routers setup page, but my home internet router’s setup page pops in. Since I had the vpn firmware installed at flash routers I cannot reset the vpn router without wiping all of the firmware. Do you know of a workaround for this problem? TIA.

  • Need some help. My apartment has free wifi for everyone (community wifi). I am wanting to connect an old router I have to the community wifi network and use my personal router as the connection for all of my devices. Can I do this without running a cable from the communities router to my personal router? Basically wanting to create my own network through the community network.

  • sir i have two router tp link and mercusys is mercusys is the main router and tp link secondary when when my brother connect to second router and i connect yo 1st router and i cant reach to internet if i block him throw 1st routet then my iternet start running
    i complain for that but they say all ok
    am so mad at this fkn shit give me some sulotion.

  • Richard your great! I have a Question:
    I have a Netgear Nighthawk and in the router settings it has AP mode (Access Point mode) ,

    Do I just turn it on enable it and that's it?? or do I need to do something else in the settings? thank you.

  • Hello I did the setup well explained thank you . I have one question the router that I used as secondary is a VPN enable router but after I finish with the setup it stop working as a vpn can you please help

  • Grate tutorial but i want it know how about the cable modem i have now and i have also a stock modem that im not using and i want it also to use in extension WiFi so that will used it to my roof top or an Atick room to recieve it huge signal on my house thanks anyway to your channel that i subscribe.

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