Crazy new adidas football boots | Play Test on pitch

adidas Hardwired Play Test – in today’s review of the brand new adidas Hardwired pack, JayMike takes all the brand new adidas football boots to the pitch for a play test, to not only see what they look like in action, but also to give you an idea about which the best adidas football boots for you are. Getting a bold and very bright make-over, the new adidas Hardwired pack includes a light blue X19+, a yellow COPA 19+, a pink Nemeziz 19+ and a light blue and black Predator 19+ – and while the adidas Hardwired football boots will definitely stand out on the pitch, they will probably also split opinion as these are football boots for the brave players. Especially the pink Nemeziz 19+ and the yellow COPA 19+ are very bold and won’t be for everyone, but if you’re brave enough to wear the new Hardwired pack, they will shine all over the football pitch.


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