Create an Interactive SVG with Adobe Edge Animate

– Design + Code a Professional Android App from Scratch
Project Files: – Use Adobe Illustrator to create a couple SVG graphics, and then animate them based on mouse activity in Adobe Edge Animate.

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  • You missed the last step. How to export the animated svg? After all the title of the tutorial is create an interactive svg

  • "Pin is kind of like a keyframe" That was like funny )
    Also you can play reverse on mouseout instead of adding another part of timeline action.

  • It looks excellent, but the cloud is very bad step. I wanted to download trial version, but i don´t have so much time to spend with waiting to download cc, to sign in, to download edge… It is frustrating, there is no alternative to adobe on the whole world! So I have to change my profession, graphics, webdesign, no more 🙂

  • Hi, i got an issue i can't correct: my animations starts without mouseover. Than it works, but i'm not able to correct that starting animation

  • Great tutorial!
    But it seems the mouseover happens on the entire canvas area.. can you make the mouseover happen only when the cursor is over the object?

  • How were you able to activate the actions in the code of pre full? at around 6:22 of your video? Mine is just looks like notepad. Without options whether to stop at, or play…

  • that's pretty cool but you're not really interacting with the svg. you have 2 svgs inside divs on top of each other and alter the opacity of the upper div by interacting with it. it works for simple shapes like buttons but if you had a complex composite image like a map, for example, then you would need to directly acess the svg contents for altering individual shapes. unfortunely that's not natively implemened by adobe edge yet. the guy from edge docks made a little "hack" for it so you can in fact interact with the svg content. I tested it and it works pretty well despite a few implementation difficulties.

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