Day 31: HUMBLED AND AWED. Sapa Valley trek and Hmong village stay!

Trip highlight and maybe one of the most memorable travel experiences ever.

Today was a day I’ll never forget in my life. With my friend Tien, we took the overnight train from Hanoi to Sa Pa. It’s about a 7 hour journey north by rail and then an hour’s drive from the station.

We then met Sue, a local guide who comes from one of the Hmong villages in the mountains around Sa Pa. We trekked about 8 hours – with a few stops to enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, eat some fresh village food and chat with locals.

An already amazing day got even better by night. We stayed in Sue’s family home near the Hmong (ethnic minority) village of Lao Chai. It was a typical house for the area, but a very atypical experience for Tien and me. Meals are cooked by fire, showers are heated by fire, everything comes from the land – vegetables, meat, firewood. I’ve never been so up close to such a contrast between the way I live and the way others live, and it was an incredibly humbling feeling.

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“Kusangi,” ODESZA


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  • Mikey, how did you find Sue the tour guide? Thanks for sharing your trek in Vietnam, I hope to visit Sapa on my many adventure back to my home country. Be safe out there.

  • Stumbled across this video while researching my 2018 trip to Vietnam. So far the plan is to fly into Ho chi Minh city and than spend several day's checking out the surrounding area, I will than take a train to Nha Trang and spend a few days their, I will than fly to Hanoi and basically jump straight on the overnight train to Sapa and spend 3 nights in one of the local villages and than head back to Hanoi for several day's (Halong Bay for sure) and than back to Ho Chi Minh for my return flight. If you have any suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them since you have already had a similar experience.

  • All Miao Hmong in Southeast Asia and all over the world today, has origin in China. During the Miao Rebellion of 1795-1806 and the Miao Rebellion of 1855-1872 against Qing dynasty, the outcome was ugly for my people. These two wars push many of the Miao Hmong out of China and into Southeast Asia, to Vietnam and then slowly to Laos, Burma, and Thailand….and then to America, France, Australia, etc, all over the western hemisphere.

    Thanks for the upload.

  • Your open mindedness is very welcoming to your hosts as well. I have a feeling you get a lot more out of your trip than many other that had visited the same place.

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