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How to enable USB Debugging in HUAWEI P9? How to open Developer Options? How to active Developer Mode? How to enter the Developer Options in HUAWEI P9?

Since most “normal” users don’t need to access the feature, it leads to less confusion to keep it out of sight. If you need to enable a developer setting, like USB Debugging, you can access the Developer

Options menu with a quick trip into the About Phone section of the Settings menu.

To enable Developer Options, open the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom, and tap About phone or About tablet.

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11 Replies to “Developer Options HUAWEI P9 – Enable USB Debugging in Android”

  1. Thanks!
    And to anyone with a newer version, you'll find both "About phone" and "Developer options" inside the "System" menu now.

  2. Thank gawd. Been googling for 30 minutes and nothing was my make of phone or version of android so I had no clue WTF to do.

    This helped and I've stopped screaming swear words.

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