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DIY Vacuum Coffee Maker out of Light Bulbs

Be careful while working with glass! You can easily cut yourself!
In this video I show you how to make amazing coffee machine from 2 light bulbs. All needed components are shown in the video.
A vacuum coffee maker operates as a siphon, where heating and cooling the lower light bulb changes the vapor pressure of water inside it. Water is pushed up (or pushed down) the siphon tube into (out of) the upper light bulb. Just 5 minutes and you will get fresh coffee 🙂

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24 Replies to “DIY Vacuum Coffee Maker out of Light Bulbs”

  1. Yeah it’s a great contraption, but with all the time and material you put in to that you’re better off buying yourself a Keurig for about 50 bucks it’s a lot easier to make coffee

  2. No honey I'm not making a crack pipe. I'm making a coffee maker that will take a very long time to clean and is very fragile

  3. Para beber café helado, porque servirlo tomando el vidrio con liquido caliente no debe ser muy recomendable😒

  4. I definitely don't look at light bulbs the same way as I used to that was very fascinating thank you.

  5. Please, if you're going to try this make sure everything you're using is food safe and to thoroughly wash out the light bulbs. Even the silicon might not be food safe, please check if the one you're going to use is.

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