Dome Light/ Door Ajar Fix….2002 – 2005 Explorer

Dome Light/ Door Ajar Fix….2002 – 2005 Explorer.
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  • I have a 1998 mercury mountaineer and I have some similar problems. But the problems im having is in regards to the power door options including power locks mirror and windows

  • I had the same problem (2003 LIncoln Aviator). I did the same thing as the person in this video, but it didn't help. Door ajar stayed on. BUT! After a week or so, it seemed to get worse: the door ajar came on and off constantly during driving, it drove me nuts (beep! beep! beep! beep!). Even worse, when I locked the car, the ALARM started to go off. So I decided to keep the car open at night for about a week, to prevent the alarm from going off. And the beeping during driving went on… Looking back now, that was a good sign. Door Ajar was first PERMANANTLY on (that only led to ONE beep when I started the car), but after I sprayed white grease and WD-40 in it, it apparantly took a while to settle in, and sometimes it went off, and sometimes on. That led to an awful lot op beeping!! But that showed that the latch or whatever started working again… About 10 days after I sprayed the latches, suddenly the Door Ajar light stayed off. And it never came back!! THANK YOU!

  • I had same problem 2002 explorer I tried driver door with paper clip then went to passenger door and after inserting paper clip in the plug the light went out and fixed the problem the switch is bad was able to order one on line for $13.99 from rockauto .com Thank you

  • Great video! I have similar problem with mine, my outside mirrior lights are always on and now, my headlights are staying on most of the time too! Ive noticed a lot of cut wires in that rubber boot between the door and body. Its just too damn cold to be getting to it right now haha
    Thanks for sharing your video!

  • My driver's side lock is stuck to unlock and this is what's causing mines to go on and off, so how can I get it from the unlock mode to lock without breaking it?

  • Hello. I have the issue in my car (Explorer 2008), but the difference is that mine doesn't show any Fault message on the display. The car turns on the Dome Light and also the lights on the side mirrors. Once the car starts they still stay on. What do you think that may cause the problem?

  • Door ajar light is always caused by the sensor switch, it's the other one behind the switch you showed. But a great video showing the wiring. I had 5 broken wired

  • Nice video. Help a lot. 👍
    I have a. 02 ford explorer. Same like your's. I have a problem. To close the rear hatch door. That one. On top. With the glass. Can you give me a. Idea how to fixed. I will appreciate it. I have a hard time to closed. .

  • For me all of my doors were fine. No need for the inside of the door to be taken off but in my case it was just a simple door was open. And not the four doors and the trunk there is an extra door on the trunk that opens partially and it opened a little somehow so just try pushing on your trunk door in the middle under the window

  • awsome thanks for the video .
    i have a question how easy is it to take off the windshield cowl and does the 2003 explorer have a cabin filter

  • I have a 2005 escape and it only has 40 thousand miles. Well, my door ajar light is showing up on my dash. I'm going to try these ideas, since it's a ford. The map light was also coming on. I removed bulbs, and turned off dome lights manually. Thank you posting.

  • My 03 ford exp. Sports tracker lights work when button is press but will not turn on when door is open …mode center switch might be broken…doesn't feel like its clicking

  • Hello Nathan. On you're Ford explorer today door ajar was good one today. I've had on my 2003 3.0 Vulcan Ford Taurus in wintertime in extreme cold my door ajar come's on, but after warming up interior my dome light and door ajar light goes out! I saw you're other video on you're Ford expedition and you used white lithium grease to repair problem. I will try that in future, thank you for the tip, and today's remedy in case it's a bad sensor in door, or broken wire. 👍 ✌

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