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Works For Samsung Galaxy J5 J7 E5 E7 J1 J2 J3 A3 A9 C9 S7 S7edge
From Internal Storage To SD Card 2017
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47 Replies to “[EASY STEPS] How To Use SD Card As Adoptable Storage For Any Android Device – ROOT”

  1. Plz help me I have j6 2018 android 9 with root n 32 GB sd card but when I say adopt it says no sd card found plz insert and there is nothing wrong with my sd card plz help

  2. Once again, great video. I have now learnt about this great app. It also got me to flash a zip file, now I know how to do that! Once again, great channel.

  3. Thanks. Ran this on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (rooted) without much issue.
    It did require me to flash a zip file called first, but it was very simple to do with the built in flasher feature.
    Upon restart, I was able to adopt my 64GB sd card and add some much needed room for my apps.
    Although for whatever reason, my 'Storage' menu is messed up. It incorrectly states I have 128GB of storage when it's only 64GB of adoptable storage and 16GB of internal storage.
    This doesn't cause any issues though.

  4. i have j200f with custom marshmallow ROM. but it says to flash a zip file which is named AS plugin. but same thing is showing after flashed which was mentioned

  5. Can this work on my samsung galaxy j2 prime?? I'v been having this problem since the beginning. I only have 4 apps and I can't download more. Its always says not enough space. And i cant transfer my apps to my sd card. Please help me.

  6. after doing this methoad my Sd card gone a corrept.. i have tried many things to repair but it wont worked back..

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