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According to Musk, X is spoken “like the letter” while “the ‘Æ’ is pronounced like ‘ash.’ ”
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Elon Musk On How To Pronounce Son X Æ A-12’s Name, Says Grimes ‘Mostly Came Up’ With Idea | PeopleTV


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31 Replies to “Elon Musk On How To Pronounce Son X Æ A-12's Name, Says Grimes 'Mostly Came Up' With Idea | PeopleTV”

  1. Teacher:ok, so we are going to take roll and we have a new student, what's your name?
    X Æ A-12:Ash
    Teacher:ok now we'll take roll, Amber (here!) Uh, Brad … no brad?
    reads through names
    Teacher:hmmm uhm X uhhh I-i who's name is x-x a e? A 12?
    X Æ A-12:…. j-just call me Ash….

  2. they wont mess with a billionaire's son
    1) his name is X Æ A-12
    2) his arms are half robot
    3) he can sue you and win the lawsuit with $3 million dollar lawyers

  3. If X is a rating for movies, the Æ is suppose to be elvish for "ai" which means love in Japanese and the A-12 is the precursor to a plane, then X Æ A-12 could be code for Mile High Club?

  4. So… Xash Archangel-12? I mean this with all good intentions when I say that sounds like a gamer tag.

  5. I reeeeeeaaally feal like Elon is joking. Like why whould you name your kid X Æ A-12? I think his name is Ash. I refuse to believe he would name his child that.

  6. I thought it would be pronounced "Zaya" with the 12 being silent. But no it's actually just "ash" with a bunch of extra neglectible unnecessary characters. Ash is one of the most boring names ever. Nothing about this feels authentic or genuine… Very edgelord try-hard random nonsense. Whatever.


  8. A lot of parents seem to forget that the name is for the baby not for themselves. He’s going to have to live with that name for his whole life. And spend every minute of it correcting the pronunciation

  9. Musk is gonna be 70 when X AE A-12 will be 22.
    Oh but he said being older makes you appreciate the child more. I don't think the child will feel the same
    Edit: famous people and their kids names

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