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This video shows you how to disable Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge Browser

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11 Replies to “Enable or Disable Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10”

  1. This doesn't work. Think it's something to do with s mode but not sure. I have flash turned on but Edge still requires me to give permission everytime I use a page that uses flash But the icon to allow doesn't come up on my browser bar

  2. Yes but how do you enable it when using the Xbox 1 format? The option simply isn't there in advanced settings and it's driving me crazy

  3. Mine is one but still don’t work on new laptop and I can’t get on the the link my math work is on

  4. Hello. Im having a hard time enableing Adobe on Edge/IE under W10. Nothing happening after turn on Adobe. Tried to turn it off shut off my laptop then turn it on turn then turn on Adobe still not getting it. Any idea? Thank you

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