English with Sasha is always amazing (For all brazilian people)

When I found Sasha, I am sure, I will have a amazing english conversation. If you are a brazilian or another people that wants to learn english, you need to watch it. Enjoy it!

Quando eu encontro Sasha, eu estou certo, eu vou ter uma incrível conversa em inglês. Se você é um brasileiro ou outra pessoa que quer aprender inglês, você precisa assistir este vídeo. Aproveite!

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  • Nice work man! I watched a little bit of your first lesson with Sasha from last year, you've definitely improved since then! 👍. I'm an English teacher from America and specialize in helping students like you improve their English speaking/confidence. I would love to help you reach your English goals. I have a few offers I think you will really like 👍.

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