EXTREME Hand Pulled Noodles Tour in Xi'an, China – AMAZING Chinese Street Food

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One of the BEST Chinese street foods you will ever eat is the hand pulled noodles in Xi’an. Muslim Chinese street food is INSANELY delicoius, and spicy hand-pulled noodles are the best street food in China! If you love spicy Chinese street food and amazing street food in China, you’ll love the Chinese hand-pulled noodles in Xi’an, because they are so SATISFYING and full of rich flavour!

Today, we are eating 4 different AMAZING and SATISFYING bowls of Chinese Hand Pulled Noodles DEEP in the streets of Xi’an, China. In this Chinese street food video, we’re bringing you for a huge full on hand-pulled noodle tour in Xi’an, China. This is the home to delicious and spicy hand pulled noodles, with so many variations to try, you could spend a lifetime here eating!

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China has so many delicious street foods to try, and I’ve been eating and filming them for you for the past 4 years. After eating for 4 years, in my opinion, some of the best noodles in China are the hand pulled noodles found in Xi’an. China has some of the best street food in the world, and these hand-pulled noodles were INSANELY good, definitely some of the best noodles in China for sure!

If you’re traveling in China to eat and try some different street foods, and if you want to learn a little more about Chinese cooking and Chinese food in the process, you should eat a few different variations of hand pulled noodles. When they are prepared for you on the street and you can watch the noodle pulling happening right in front of you, it’s an amazing street food experience. You can watch as they pull the noodles thinner and thinner, and then scoop the spicy ingredients like chili oil, soy sauce, spices, and beef into the bowl and boil the noodles. Then they place the steaming hot noodles over top! It is truly satisfying!

We’re going DEEP to try some INSANE Chinese hand pulled noodles in Xi’an, China. Xi’an is home to the hui chinese, a Muslim minority in China that has some incredibly delicious cuisine. In the back streets of Xi’an it feels like islamic China, with so many different variations of Halal street food to try, including incredibly delicious hand-pulled noodles, loaded with spicy beef and chili oil and tons of spices.

And when your hand-pulled noodles arrive to your table, it’s very important to mix up all the chili oil and ingredients thoroughly. This makes sure that the spicy flavour and the hot oil gets coated onto each noodle evenly before you take a bite. It is the most satisfying thing in the world mixing up all the ingredients into your noodles before you take a bite. It’s also quite satisfying watching the noodles turn dark red slowly, from white into red and silky smooth.

If you are traveling to Xi’an, china and want to find these famous hand-pulled noodles, here are the addresses:

1) WIDE Stretched Hand Pulled BIANG BIANG Mian:
Restaurant name: 刘老四牛肉擀面庄
Address: 。庙后街派出所向西20米

2) Deep alleyway hand pulled noodles, known as Liuxiangmian:
Restaurant name: 柳巷面
Address: 吉庆巷吉庆大夏B座

3) Cold jelly noodles, known as Liangpi:
Restaurant name: 盛志亮麻酱酿皮总店
Address: 回访大皮院西口225号

4) AMAZING Xinjiang style DAPANI:
Restaurant name: 尔奈斯大盘鸡
Address: 麦苋街96号十字路口西南角

My name is Trevor James and I’m a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that’s currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .


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  • Understand you show us this video but must protect the public from your germs you street clothes on walking all around the kitchen area

  • This has got to be the worst episode. I love noodles. And I want to watch this one so bad, but all he does is ask the same dumb questions (“is this beef?” And etc..) and repeating the same thing over and over. Asking if that is the vegetable when it is obvious that it is. SMFH. Do some fcking homework first pls.

  • ฝากด้วยนะคะ |Eat บะหมี่ไทย 😹😹😹 Chinese Noodles Thai Style | https://youtu.be/QNkPdNt22vo | ขอบคุณมากค่ะ

  • Really like that you sampled the Muslim Chinese food. The hand pulled noodles must be delicious!!! All the owners were very welcoming The Chinese hamburger was not expected but welcome 🙂 Liked & shared 👍 Your chinese is really good.

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